Silently sauntering, surreptitiously stalking him

My delicious prey is oblivious that I am about to pounce

He’s sleeping soundly undisturbed while I cautiously close in

There’s the fire of a huntress in my eyes, and a rumble in my belly

I sense my lips are moistening as I imagine feasting on him

The inner growl is hard to suppress as my voracious hunger rises

It’s been a long time, at least a week since I last consumed him

I know he was tired and needed a nap, but it’s been almost two hours

My feline instincts are hard to ignore as I tiptoe into our room

My nails sharp the way he likes them running against his back

Slinking up onto the bed I crouch beside him and start to paw

I hear him stir and then with one swift move I launch my attack

I have him trapped between my thighs, pinned down, staring up at me

Will I spare him on this occasion? Certainly not, and he knows it!

Adoringly he strokes and nuzzles against me until I begin to purr

We tumble over the covers as he tries to dominate, a wrestling results

He should know not to play with the tigress when she has been starved

But he satisfies my demanding appetite over and over again

He has soon tamed me and I am his affectionate little kitten once more

Kitten, Cat, Cute, Pet, Animal, Kitty

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