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Before 2020, travel seemed so easy. I think I took it for granted. Ben and I were away for a few weeks when he had an assignment overseas (I came back a week ago, Ben is due back today). I was allowed to go because the project was longer than a month. Let me tell you travel is not what it used to be. There was very little enjoyment factor in the travelling.

I did enjoy being somewhere a bit different though. We are based in England currently. I would be so bored of staying in one country always. Travel is awesome. It opens your mind to a colourful diverse world of fascinating cultures and people. Everyone should travel. Like seriously, if you have not travelled to lands with less developed economies, you won’t really understand the world we live in.

Ben loves travel. He traveled extensively during his gap year. He also loves visiting both Ireland and Greece where he has relatives. He has grown up in the States, but Ben is fascinated by Europe.

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Ben and I do actually have a world map, in a frame. We used to have a map on the wall that we put drawing pins in all the lands that we had been to. Ben’s drawing pins were blue, mine were red. There was a lot more blue on that map than there was red! (We had to buy lots of multi-coloured drawing pins and we ended up with a lot of yellow, green and pink drawing pins that we had no use for.) Anyway…at some point it started to look tatty, so we bought a new map and put it into a frame. It is still a focal point in our home.

There is a huge allure to travel. I think there are some English people who only think of travel as far as sun, sand, sangria. They expect to be able to go abroad and eat fish and chips and have a full English breakfast. But others are hungry to taste the culture, explore the history and architecture in other lands, and experience food, music, clothing and pastimes of the land they are visiting.

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Many have traveled in search for adventure, or to find purpose and meaning, or even with a noble motive of their own. Some simply want to escape their grey mundane life and be in a location where they can relax, rejuvenate, recover.

Then there are the tourists who travel to far flung lands for sex. I don’t have a lot to say on the subject (having freaked out because of some nutso hotel staff who got over-friendly on my last package holiday). But I did include sex tourists in the second of our erotic novellas.

When we wrote our two-part erotic novella series, there was a natural point to divide Leah’s story. She is so fed up at the end of Book One “LOST“, that she decides she needs an escape. So in Book Two, “FOUND“, Leah goes travelling. Along her way she meets Simon.

I have already published a lot of posts discussing the real Simon. That should give you an idea of how exciting and spicy Leah’s story becomes. Simon is unlike any other lover. Packed with illicit explicit content, “FOUND” takes Leah on a journey around the world map in which she finds love, romance and great sex!


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I do hope travel will soon return to the way it was. I miss it, too. I am an expat, which is code for a perpetual traveler, but there isn’t much moving around these days. Staying put has its benefits, too, but traveling opens our eyes and refreshes us, just as you mentioned.


I am kinda on the fence at the moment about the travel industry. Travel is so wonderful. But the airlines have been big polluters. Personally I would like to outlaw going on vacation to lay on a beach, get drunk, demand cuisine from your own country and generally be inconsiderate to locals. I would be more than happy with travel of that nature being gone forever. But if people were travelling for education, to learn and be respectful of other cultures it is a wonderful thing. I do want a clean earth though. It’s pretty terrifying to think of the damage that has been done in the past few decades. I think the planet needs a break from the way it has been treated.

I was gonna ask you what you are doing in Asia? I wondered if it’s permanent? Or have you been travelling to lots of lands?

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Now those are the kind of questions I would only answer in more private correspondence since it is a very long story. There was a rumor circulating here among a select few individuals when I first arrived here many years ago that I was a spy. Since I was a huge James Bond fan when I was younger, I took that as a total compliment, haha! One day I will share my story with you. I do hate to be so mysterious, though. One question I will answer, I am planning to stay indefinitely.

I agree with you about travel/tourism destroying the earth. That could be something this world could work on changing when travel comes back after the pandemic. Reality is, gov’s probably won’t do much about it. I think a sink in the travel industry is good for it because they have been so arrogant for so long (snubbing coach-class passengers, kissing up to first-class, hiking fares whenever they want, etc.).


…and please don’t think I wanna start prying. I was just curious. But don’t compromise your security. If you were a spy you would not be running a blog – too easy to find you..a lot of Asia is pretty hot on internet scrutiny.

Apart from my friends who are in Singapore, who are there to make money, my friends who have moved to other Asian lands are generally set up as teachers, even if they are there for other reasons.

Being mysterious on the internet sometimes just means being cautious (except for those out to scam others). I try to strike the right balance between being open about my thoughts and remembering I don’t want to make myself vulnerable to crooks and scary people.

Ben has all sorts of interesting ideas about what may happen on the tail of the covid-storm. He does not think this is going away quickly…not the virus. He thinks that the extent of the stress, frustration, anger, spirit of protest, even revolution is going to be something that Western governments are going to try to clamp down on at some point instead of seeing their authority continually weakened. He thinks there will be big events ahead. He watches the news and he says religion, politics and commercial organisations are being shaken and lots of stuff it is coming out. He thinks that there is an increasing call for change on a bigger scale than we have seen and he is expecting a shift towards global solutions, including organisations like the UN becoming more of a presence.

So although we will be travelling in connection with Ben’s work, it does not feel safe to relax at the moment.

This is why I need to help Ben switch off to the world’s worries sometimes. He is positive and he does think that change is needed. But he foresees a lot of trouble and violence in the process. He reckons we are due a reset button in some ways – the economy etc are more than due a reset.

I don’t want to be apart from him. The thought of an angry world makes me nervous about being alone. Ben is a deep thinker but he also someone who loves people and can have a laugh. I think he needs to laugh and joke to allow him to forget about work and the world.

I am so glad he is back. He has two weeks to relax. In some ways it might be like a vacation, although he has work to do remotely. But the rest of the time, it is just the two of us. That is something I cannot complain about.

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I love that you had a map with pins in it, and it’s a pity you don’t have it anymore. I have traveled some in my life, but don’t do so much anymore. Who knows, once we don’t work anymore, and this crazy virus is gone, we might just go to those places I still want to see 🙂
~ Marie

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Yeah, I loved it too. We should have looked after it better. It was Ben’s map and he had already been putting his pins in and then I started adding mine. It was just getting scuffier and scruffier, so it had to go. Ben and me are trying to be grown ups and look after our place to impress visitors. Not that we had many this year.


I adore Maps – of all kinds – world maps – road maps – maps of UK – love em. I miss travelling too – it has long since been messed up – Although i travel around the UK extensively to do with work and there are some amazing and beautiful places for sure
May x

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Maps are kinda fascinating hey? I am gonna put it out there about travel this time round. It felt more like we were cattle being herded into a truck rather than being able to enjoy the experience. I totally get why they have to be so cold and strict, but there was little enjoyment in the experience. But when we reached our destination, it was real nice to have a change of scene.
Ben wants to see more of the UK. I reckon it’s a good chance for him to explore during our vacation time. I want to take him to Yorkshire because we have been watching the modern version of “All Creatures Great And Small” and he said it looked real cute. I told him Yorkshire is a big place but he would definitely enjoy it.
I love the Lakes. It would be awesome to take him there. There are so many places I wanna take him.

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I love what you did with the sequel. I love the emotional shifts, and the stage where she is numb. It was very moving to read. You know how much it means to me to see real emotions, real life in fiction, and I think you did a great job of capturing her emotional journey.

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