Here Comes The Hot Stepper

If you are anything like me, one of the best bits about blogging is comments, chatting with other bloggers. Without comments from other bloggers, it’s a lonely old hobby. I have a friend who blogs and she said that when she started out a couple of years ago, it felt like she was belting out karaoke krooners on stage and nobody was saying a word. Hell! The silence was deafening. She is now a blogging bombshell diva. But this post is not about her, it’s about me!

There are some real friendly and supportive bloggers out there…and some flirty ones! 😉 Being no novice at flirting myself, at first I was keen to jump in feet first to the old online flirting game. However, my gorgeous stallion of a man Benjamin O’Connor and I had a little discussion about the ins and outs of blogging and we came to a mutual agreement that I ought not get too carried away.

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Ben is supervising this site, keeping an eye on my posts so I don’t blow our cover (I’m ribbing you) and monitoring comments. He did something so sexy recently. He said a blogger had left offensively vulgar comments on a couple of my posts. So he trashed them. Why do I find it such a turn-on that Ben wants to be my protector?

Anyway…this post is about a good guy I chat with. Ben approves of him and I think a lot of you know him, perhaps flirt with him, too. That would be Gentleman Dave. Recently, Dave and I almost had a falling out though. That would be when Dave insinuated that I would allow a pair of BUNNY SLIPPERS to be on my feet. So in honour of Dave’s scandalous slur, I thought I should set the record straight and publish an expose on Jenna Kirkpatrick’s shoe fetish…which does not feature any BUNNY SLIPPERS

As a style icon who makes clothes look good (rather than the other way around) shoes are a pivotal part of my daily deliberations. The wrong footwear can ruin an outfit. The right footwear can set it off. I am a stiletto girl through and through. I started practicing my foxy stiletto walk when I was five years old (with my Mom’s shoes). For work, any social event, or any formal event, you will find me tottering along in stunning stilettos – usually with a trail of admirers and shoe enviers behind me.

Sand, Beach, Slippers, Sandals

However, I am a practical person. I am a believer that clothes and footwear should fit the occasion, So when I am chillaxin at the beach or in the garden, sandals, not just any old sandals, but showstopping sandals, make a change from walking around on my tiptoes and give my calves a rest. Taut calves are always glad to have a day off.

Basketball, Chuck S, Leisure, Sneakers

Do I ever dress down? Yes. Yes. I have scruffs….and I have an old pair of sneakers that I wear to go and take the garbage out (when Ben is not here!) or to run across the road to pick up a delivery that had to be left with a neighbour because we were out. Everybody should have some old sneakers for mundane tasks.

But for many of our hobbies and interests I need sturdier footwear. If stilettos are impractical and we are venturing more than a few metres away from my front door I would have to be in boots. I have spent a small fortune on good quality boots over the years. In the winter I trudge around the streets in designer riding boots. If we are going out I wear high suede boots. I have cowboy boots, hiking boots, snow boots. I just love boots!

Feet, Legs, Sexy, Shoes, Person, Woman

But Dave’s comment was obviously in reference to indoor footwear. What do I wear within the comfort of our own home? That all depends on what Ben and I are getting up to! I have my favourite stilettos which feature in some of the roleplay scenes that Ben and I enjoy on a night when we have time to play.

But what about those nights when we want to curl up on the sofa and watch a movie, talk about how our day was, share messages we had from relatives or friends, make plans for the next few weeks, or discuss life and the universe – what do I wear? Thick snuggly socks.

Yes…this winter, when our kitchen floor is freezing, when my feet are cold but I want to entangle my legs with Ben’s, when I have been on my feet all day, I will wear thick snuggly socks – certainly not BUNNY SLIPPERS!

Hope we cleared that up Dave. Now, we can put this behind us and pretend my enlightened classy sensational sense of style was not horrified at the mention of animal shaped footwear. I have to mention, it’s only at this point when I remember with a cringe a guy who I met when I was around nineteen years of age. He had monkey slippers. I have an embarrassing story about him. We’ll save that for another day.

37 replies on “Here Comes The Hot Stepper”

Look at the curve beneath that red heel!! OMG I am drooling!! I love the turquoise colour!! Love it!! Black strappy heels? Such a sexy curve going on there! GORGEOUS! Brilliant post Jenna, from one Shoe worshiper to another, you got STYLE baby! No animal shaped shoes in my world either! They are an abomination! (Shame on you Gentleman Dave! Just sayin’… )
Just as an aside, do you know, (you probably do) that the way to tell the quality of a well made stiletto is to sit it on your wrist. If the curve curls around and hugs your wrist without moving you will have a perfect pair of stilettos. Look at the curve on the red!! Perfect! xx

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❤ Aaaaah – a girl after my own heart! ❤
You clearly have a refined sense of style Gem, which makes me love you even more!

I decided to forgive Dave on the basis that he does not run a fashion/style blog, so he is likely to have the same level of understanding of footwear as my Benjamin. But Dave is a great blogger – he writes sexy steamy poetry and is lovely to chat and flirt with online. I know I am not the only one who thinks that.

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I adore Stilettos they have been my go to shoe for many years. I have so many pairs, I turned a closet into a floor to ceiling shoe rack so that they could sit properly, each in their own space. If ever I am feeling out of sorts, I open that closet and I am in my happy space again. I’m not kidding! Love ’em!
As for Gentleman Dave, I read his poetry daily! He starts my day off on the right note! 💖

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I totally get shoe cabinet being a happy space!!! It makes perfect sense.
Most problems are fixable with a beautiful pair of shoes.

Gentleman Dave is such a stud! I think he is the official blog-crush of many a female reader….lol and I think he knows it!!! Nut kudos to him for writing poetry that can have that effect on us. We are all wetting our knickers because he knows how to turn out a verse that stirs our sensitive parts.

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You certainly are the hotstepper madame!

I have a lot of stilettos in boxes under my bed Jen. They are all UK size 7. I have a lot of flat shoes size 6. If you are interested in taking a look at them and seeing if any fit you, I would be glad to see them go to a good home. Otherwise I am going to take them to a charity shop. I have too many shoes that I have hardly ever worn. Some of them I can’t remember wearing at all.

I am trying to remember if I ever had bunny slippers. If I did, that memory seems to have been erased – one blessing of head injuries!!! Something tells me I used to have something very comfy on my feet. Now in the winter I have a pair of Ugg boots I wear only indoors to keep my feet warm. The family I lived with out in Berkshire bought them for me as a gift. The stone floor in that lovely cottage was freeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing cold, so I made the Ugg boots my slippers. I don’t think I would ever wear Ugg boots outside in public, but they make great slippers.

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Thank you Sweetie!

My quarantine is supposed to end at the end of this week, but Ben is telling me I might have to do an extra week because of him – my face when he said that was not a pretty sight! Three weeks of prison! Although now Ben is back it will be more fun. When my quarantine is over, I would like to inspect these shoes you mention. Shoes are not supposed to be kept in boxes under the bed. They should be admired and envied. I like your shoe taste.

Ugg boots – yeah – I think you made the best use of them. They are definitely snuggly not stylish, unless you are a Telly-tubby….which you are not!

Selective memories hey! You’ve been told off about that before I am sure.


Glad you have him back. Jack is here. He has not forgotten you owe him a beer.

Thanks for the compliment – no, I never did think of myself as a Telly-tubby, now it’s on record.

As for memory loss – particularly traumatic memories like possible bunny slippers – well, you know how I feel about silver linings!


You guessed right. I am doing five very long days this week. So I have today off. I need to go and make lunch for Jack.

Why do I need a smartphone? To look at photos of everyone’s breakfast?



Jack had some galaktoboureko. Nathaniel’s mum made it and he came down here with three slices. I resisted because I want lose an inch. My pants are just a little bit too tight and whenever I bend over at work, I am sure a little bit of pee escapes. So he has had to eat all of it. Not that he minds!


How to make Ben jealous! He loves galaktoboureko. I might need to delete your comment before he sees it.

You are gorgeous as you are…but if pee is escaping when you bend over…yes, skip the Greek desserts. They are like a million calories even if you look at them. Eating them is a billion calories at least.

We will call you two later. Do not tell Ben what your man had for breakfast! He already thinks he is jammy-arsed, I don’t want him to get all moo-faced about missing out on Vasilakis treats. Did you see Manos and Athena have special news?


Excellent taste in music, Caramel, I remember seeing First Aid kit around 2012 when they took everyone by storm with their beautifully tight harmonies and haunting sound.
Jenna, sweetheart, your blog is turning into my happy place today! 😛 xxx


Gem – she and her fella are like music maestros. They seem to be always one step ahead of everyone when it comes to new music. If they have not heard a song, it’s not worth hearing. They get all sorts of freebie invites to music events. Caramel is special.

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Yes! When the pings come all at the same time it is hard to keep up with. I think Dave was commenting on three different posts at the same time.

I am just watching that crazy video Melody tagged. Are those guys crazy??? But wow!

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Thank you.
I have never seen them live. I would love to. I love their music though. They are only a recent find for me…maybe a couple of years ago. The lyrics to this song struck a chord with me. But I love the music. It makes me feel like I am horse-riding. And I found a very very cool video on YouTube…in fact I will try to find it for you. I know I wrote a post about it.

It’s not me who gets the musical freebies. It’s my Jack. He knows everyone. But we both love music.

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Dancing barefoot cover for Patti Smith in 2011. I saw it on TV when I was in Sweden staying with friends, they blew me away! Been an avid follower of their music since. 😀 Great post about dreams btw. I’ve never experienced a flying dream, I think that may be a good thing, I might never come back down!

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How great is that! They did some live streams this summer.
Flying dreams are interesting. I know I have felt a sense of fear in my dream which changes into a “Woooh woooh! Look at this…I am doing what I never thought possible”. I am a believer that in dreams our brains try to make sense of a lot of the input it has taken in. I think I do sometimes have that in real life….fear at the sense of a challenge facing me, followed by a “wow! I can really do this!”

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My dear fashionista! ❤ I had no idea that I touched a hot button when I made that slip of the .. keyboard? What I meant was just to get as comfortable as possible, so now I know I should have said snuggly socks. Yet my little faux pas elicited this lovely post, in which you not only explained your beautiful fashion sense, but also plugged my blog! Kisses for that! 😘


Yes….a sense of style is an integral part of a true diva’s identity. Now Dave we have cleared this matter up.

I know you were being sweet and flirty in the best possible way. You were being like guy friend, wanting to stay respectul that I have a stallion lover, but feeling a fondness for his guapa chica blogging friend. You were saying it would be nice to curl up on the sofa and chat to each other.

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I understood. Even Ben was careful when I was dating Simon. He would come up with all sorts of excuses for us to hang out. It makes me laugh when I think back. Ben would come up with random exhibitions at museums and galleries he wanted me to see. We would walk round for hours without him touching me, always having coffee before, and a meal afterwards. He asked for my help in shopping for gifts or clothes for him and he was always always careful not cross a line that would make me suspicious of him. We went to the theatre, we went to the cinema (and sat on the front rows!) we went to concerts. He managed to maintain the just a friend act for a very long time without putting me on edge. He has admitted to often checking me out when he was sure I was not looking.

Curling up on the sofa with him when I was dating Simon would have been too much. It’s hard to explain, but I know I would not have been ok with that. But having coffee or a meal in a restaurant where we were in public and all those other places, I felt relaxed.

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Hey Missy

It sounds as if you totally get having a shoe fetish 🙂

I am using Pixabay for images to illustrate my posts, But I do have some very beautiful shoes – a lot of shoes. Ben seems to think too many shoes, but I don’t think he understands. Boots take up a lot of space, so I have pruned down my collection to essentials and I now only have eleven pairs of boots. But stilettos are easier to store. I have a summer and winter rotation. In total, I have around sixty pairs of shoes besides my boots.

I love fashion, but especially shoes!

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Now I want to see them all! And I do totally get it. HL accepts my need for shoes and boots. Some I only wear occasionally so they are stored in boxes. When he did the wardrobes we emptied mine out and he was shocked at the shoes and clothes. I think they help to make us feel good though 😊


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