Raspberry Rippling Collage

ADVISORY: Features images suitable for adults only

It’s time for playtime on the RASPBERRY RIPPLES blog. I call these little experiments with the various block editor features Raspberry Rippling. Although we are having great fun and learning a lot, it seems obvious that a lot of these blocks don’t work in the Reader. So although they look great on the website post, they look terrible in the Reader.

This week I am playing around with the Collage editing block. I noticed there were different options for how the collage appeared – default, tiled and layered. I had a play around with these and lost on of the images. So I started all over again.

I am not expecting this editing block to work properly in Reader. When I have used some of the other editing blocks for images, in Reader they just appear as separate images stacked one on top of the other.

I might be being brutally honest, but I don’t see any point in using editing blocks that are not going to look any good in the Reader. I read most of the posts from other bloggers in the Reader (it’s quicker), so I want to make sure my posts look good in the Reader, as I think a lot of other bloggers do most of their viewing in the Reader too. Am I right about this?

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I am new to this, but I have been looking at what other bloggers do. Some of them seem like pros. I have a friend who has been blogging for a couple of years. Her blog is colourful and fun, I keep asking her for tips.


It’s kinda weird. Some work in reader, some don’t work at all.
There was one I was real disappointed in. They have an block that is like a countdown to an event. You put in the date of the invent and then it counts down by the second. We used it to show the release date for our new novella. But in reader it was just a nothingness.

This is it in the reader:

hours minutes seconds


Release Date Of New Novella

But on the actual post it looks great. Shame the blocks are not all compatible with the reader.If they are not, I am not gonna bother using them. I don’t want my posts to look crap.

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I have not changed to any of the other blocks. I like the way the classic formats especially since I write everything on my Evernote and copy and paste. Other formats just do not do what I need it to. I am sure there are some others I may like I just have yet to make a go of them yet. 🙂

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I guess it does all the basics. I’m kinda miffed about the extras not working.
But mastering the basics has been easy enough.
I’ve been doing this RASPBERRY RIPPLING series as an excuse to experiment and learn. It’s helped me figure out what I am happy about using and what I know now is not gonna work properly.


I changed my theme not long back from the Hever theme to what it is now which is Perle. The pictures on my blog site look really striking against the coloured background, they also don’t look out of place on the reader either. I gave up with the collage blocks etc because if they don’t work with WP reader I don’t see the point of having the availability of them. Plus, they did what yours have done and stack in a column instead of being collaged. Irritating. I suppose they are designed for more expensive business blogs? Who knows… If you want your site to look great then don’t play with it too much. Less is more, simple lines that don’t detract from the written word but enhance it. We can get too clever for ourselves and lose the reason we blog in the first place! You have interesting view points on a lot of things and get your readers to interact with you already. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it 😛 xxx

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❤ ❤ ❤
Thank you Gemma!!!
The day Ben and I set the site up, he did most of the technical stuff, I chose the colours. I wanted a raspberry pink thing going on, but I needed something paler for the background. He was asking me why I was choosing pink over and over. I was adamant that if the site was called RASPBERRY RIPPLES it was not gonna be orange or blue – was it! He said it looked too girly. I said I am a girl and I betcha most of the people who look at this will be pink. He still does not like the pink, but I told him the colour has to stay until we change the name of the site….which maybe we will eventually. We had such a drama over it that I was worried Ben was fed up before we even started!!! But in the end he started to take a big interest in what I was writing and now it is fun to look at it together.

Yeah, these blocks are weird. I am not gonna use a lot of them in my regular posts because they don't work in the Reader. But I have done this series (there is a RASPBERRY RIPPLING post every Wednesday to give me the chance to experiment which ones work and which ones don't.

I flippin love all the comments and interaction. It is great fun! I don't wanna be too opinionated on anything though. I don't wanna ruffle any feathers. If something I read provoked me too much I would say anything (like I do not know what to say about all the fiction posts about male characters doing "things" in often a violent way, to their female family members – I wanna start yelling at them that they are freaks, but Ben has told me not to go near those posts or bloggers, just to stay away). Saying that I wrote a fictional story about dragons for one of the upcoming prompts and Ben absolutely hates it! He doesn't want me to publish it because he says it is too weird. I told him I don't know what else I can write about dragons. Dragons and a sex blog don't seems to have much connection to me.

Sometimes some of the bloggers I have been following and enjoying their stuff, drop a post and I am like "Ooooo-er, I dunno about that!" so I might leave a polite comment, which is kinda me saying "I read your post and it was interesting, and I appreciate your honesty, but I don't think Ben and I are gonna rush off to our bedroom to have a go of that".

I noticed that some bloggers are just like one long catalogue of sex toys – which I presume they do to make money? There were so many sex toy posts appearing in my Reader I started unfollowing them because it was kinda OTT.

But I like reading a blog and seeing there is a real person with thoughts and feelings and character behind the writing. It makes it much more interesting.


Word press generally is made up of so many different bloggers with so many different ideas about love, life and the universe, not to mention the holy grail of society these days, how to make money. It’s a bit of a task to find the right blogs to read / follow. Process of elimination. Follow, read, either like and comment or don’t like and unfollow after a two week period in case they were going through a ‘thing’. I have followed and unfollowed a lot of people since I started on WP in November last year. Some of the content of those blogs was so far away from erotica/spanking fiction/non-fiction that they made my toes curl they were so ‘wrong’ for me. It takes a while but eventually we all manage to become part of a like minded community of bloggers all supporting each others efforts. I think the general rule of thumb should be, ‘if you can’t say something at least constructive then don’t say anything at all.’ No point in tearing someone down because they have a different view of the world. (Some of them right out there hanging of the furthest branch, different view…) Each to their own and long may they continue to keep it to themselves.
I’m not a pink person at all, but I enjoy your blog, I enjoy interacting with you and the colour of your blog suits you both as a writer and as the underlying personality behind the blog.
When I started writing the journal posts on here I honestly didn’t think anyone would be interested in what I was saying. One blogger who had followed me by accident because he thought I was on a spiritual/religious journey (I’m a raving Atheist and Anti-Theist) made comment about the self flagellation I took part in with the Vicar (The day I spanked the Vicar post). I cried laughing for days at his wilful misunderstanding of that post. He later requested I remove his comment as he now very belatedly understood my blog posts were about spanking for fun, sexual pleasure and attempts (failed) at applying some discipline in my life. He said I was broken 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I agreed with him. I also agreed to remove his post because he was so embarrassed to have found himself on a spanking blog. It’s such a shame people can’t just read anything and everything without attaching a social stigma to it.
I don’t advertise products, I think it takes away from my story, but that’s a personal opinion that applies to me alone.
At some point you will probably come up against something that I have written with regard to Tom and myself that doesn’t float your boat, as a writer I have no problem with that. As a human being I have no problem with that, I would ask that you don’t ultimately dismiss the blog from your reading list permanently because we all do things that don’t sit well with others sometimes. It passes, and we move on to do something even better or worse depending who you talk to! Life is about differences, and all the colours in between that make it interesting.
Apologies Jenna, I went on a thought ramble with you 😜 It’s been that kind of day! Keep working at the block settings, you never know what will suddenly click for you. xx


No, no, you are a keeper Gemma!!!

I think that to me it just proves though that when it comes to intimacy, often it is up to two people to make their rules or find what suits them. I am sure some people would think that what Ben and I get up is odd (our roleplay games can be very weird!) and I have already detected that my love of ABF missed the mark with some people.

But in a funny way it does influence my view of reading other posts. I said to a blogger the other day that I am a little uneasy with the idea of someone thinking that because they identify with a lifestyle they have to embrace every aspect of that. I mentioned my vegetarian friend who does not seem to like broad beans or green beans. She is no less a vegetarian though. I think with sex it is more important not to force yourself to do something or say you enjoy it just to be in a club. I actually like it when a blogger shows some individuality and says “this is what I do enjoy, but this does no appeal to me”. I dunno, I guess it does reassure me that they are thinking, consenting, emotionally mature adults and not being pressured, manipulated by others because they are vulnerable and crave some kind of relationship. I think I need to know that those writing are ok. Because otherwise I get anxious and I want to ring Detective Olivia Benson and ask her to investigate.

I ought to be more mellow in some respects. But there are things I just have strong feelings about…we’ve already chatted about some of those, so I won’t repeat them. But I get that some people might not like me writing about erotica and dreamy fantasy sex. I just think sex is an awesome thing, and I kinda like to uplift it, sometimes even dignify it in the way I write. I also like to make sure with my longer fictional accounts there is a person, a mind, a heart, a history involved in the stories, not just a penis and a pair of tits. I want to make it clear it I am writing about real people, who get lonely, who get stressed, who make mistakes, who long for someone to hold them, comfort them, protect them.

I am more anti- religion than anti-Creator. When we meet up with friends we often talk about the universe and life and purpose. I have a friend, she is super clever, but she tries to hide it. She is slightly angelic though she would hate me saying that about her. She just has this way about her. She listens, she ask questions, she never tells you what to think. But basically, she is a prize winning physics genius and when I asked her she just said that there is no way on earth the universe could have happened without a guiding force. She says some people prefer to view that force as a something, but she has no reason to object to it being a someone. She is not into religion either. But she has studied every religion and she is always asking people about their beliefs. She has one of those minds that is bigger than the universe. Yet she seems to just go about her life smiling and singing, being kind to people, giving without anyone even knowing what she has done. I would like to call her my bestie, but I know there are like a thousand other people who would fight me to make that claim.

Ben believes in a Creator. With Irish and Greek in his bones, it would be odd for him not to. But he is also very sensitive to injustice, hypocrisy, abuse of power. So he has the same view of religious leaders, political leaders and commercial leaders – he thinks they should be brought to justice for the damage they have caused. His view is not as black and white as Simon;s though. Simon would have them all burnt on a bonfire!!!! I don’t think he was serious, but he said it to me so many times, I did start to wonder!


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