Dear Diary…I Have Been Mischievous

ADVISORY NOTE: Content for ADULTS ONLY. Contains explicit references to sexual activity.


Dear Diary,

I’m a good girl – I am! But Simon has led me astray more than once and caused me to be mischievous. So often, he has led me astray in public places – he is a mischievous man…and in my enthusiasm for him, I have partaken of his mischief.

Our visit to one famous historical property was a trail of mischief. He was clearly excited by the numerous temples and monuments littered amongst the landscape. I was sure I recognised some of those historical outbuildings from English period dramas. As we inspected each site, Simon would find something mischeivous to do to me…his freezing cold fingers and then his warm tongue exploring my various crevices alternated with his feasting on my nipples. He was such a micheivous man that day! I submitted to his ever whim, simply because I was in love with him.

We explored the inside of it (just carvings and faded paintings on the walls and ceiling) and then he noticed the door on the other side of the building. He took my hand and led me through it. We found a pretty embankment leading down to a small river. Beyond were fields with a few sheep in them. He closed the door in the hopes that nobody else would come out. I had a feeling he was feeling frisky. He grabbed me and began to run his cold hands up my skirt, feeling my thighs, my behind and my back and then running them down my tummy and my pussy. He kissed the side of my face and neck as his hands roamed. It was exhilarating.

We kissed passionately and I began to undo his belt. I had in mind fondling his penis. However, he had other plans. His penis was already erect and he forcefully pushed me over and yanked down my panties. I felt his penis against my behind. I became suddenly afraid. I reminded him I don’t do anal sex. He turned me around and pushed me against the wall and with his hand he spread my legs apart. Then he began to penetrate me while I stood against the wall. The air was so icy and his penis was chilly at first. I remember feeling a thrill as his cold penis rose up into me. But very soon it warmed up inside my moist vagina. He thrust as hard as he could. I don’t think it’s the easiest position for a guy to have sex in, but he was giving it his all.

Nobody came through that doorway the whole time. The only audience we had was the sheep in the field, unless there were any birdwatchers with their binoculars.

Sheep, Grass, Agriculture, Mammal

Simon was often up to mischief and I often partook in his mischief. How I wish his mischief had ended with me. For him to pursue his mischief with other women when I was not available was sad for me. Nonetheless, I am grateful to Simon for the memories he gave me – for the magic and the mischief.

So long for now diary…my magnificent Ben wants to play our misheivous maid roleplay game. I need to go and put my maid costume on.

Luv Jenna xx

6 replies on “Dear Diary…I Have Been Mischievous”

Ooh man..

Girl you took me with you..
I was all there feeling all the excitement Simon was exuding and all the desires he was creating….

Really some fun and stimulating memories…

I know itโ€™s so sad ๐Ÿ˜ž when you realize you are not only one that experiences these feelings with him.. and not the only one he Brings out these pro-founded from…

So sad ๐Ÿ˜ž indeed..
When you wanted so much to be the one..

Yes we are selfish when we are in


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