I Think My Blog Is Broken!

I noticed something was wrong last night when I was trying to leave cute comments on posts published by other bloggers. WordPress kept on telling me my comment had failed, that it could not be sent. No technical information just a red notifications saying “no can do!”

I worked myself up into a tizzy. Ben had a look at my blog and he could not understand the problem either. So I asked my blogging friend, and she said sometimes if you have been have had a busy period of comments, you might get zinged by WordPress who may start suspecting you are a robot or something.

Although I do not understand why WordPress would think I am a robot, it is true, I did have a busy period for comments earlier this week, especially on Monday. So am I being zinged? Is this like a punishment? Is WordPress telling me “You’ve been saying too much, and we are putting a limit on how many times you can comment?”

If that is the case, well it sucks! Lemme tell you I got a lot to say! I don’t like the idea of limits being imposed on me. Now you know why I might seem kinda quiet. I wanna leave a comment on your post but right now WordPress doesn’t seem to want me to!

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It’s not you – it’s wordpress. Some blogs (I’m suspecting it’s theme related) can no longer be commented in through the reader. If you open the pages and comment directly – you’re good πŸ₯³πŸ˜‡

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The reply I sent through my notifications did not work, so I am gonna try again on my site.
I just noticed another blogger had published a post saying he can’t comment on people’s posts either.
I’m hoping this is a temporary thing that is fixed. Because it is a pain!!


Hey Jenna.

I don’t have a problem commenting on other people’s blogs, but people are experiencing problems on my on blog, but only through the Reader and not direct to blog.

Last years l tackled this issue with the WP engineers about ‘commenting too much’ and that ‘s not the issue – the issue can be many fold

1] People do not often check their spam folders and if they did they might be surprised to see how many lost comments hit that boc from genuine bloggers.

2] As Zoe quite rightly says, it is indeed a WP issue and affects the ability for bloggers to comment via the Reader and not so much through the blog direct.

3] If bloggers have links disabled as in a post containing links – their settings will reject many comments – example – a lot of my posts contains links to other WP blogs – if those blogs have not got links enabled or only have 2 links enabled they will instantly direct my post to their spam folder.

So, you see the problem is in truth that WP have endeavoured to make things easier and more convenient for bloggers but many comments inncocent and genuine end up in all sorts of places because many bloggers have not detailed their settings correctly for today’s blogging community.

Ps: I have included your comment to my post in the actual post itself as well, so that when l contact the endgineers and direct them to my post they will see all issues.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for explaining so much Rory.
I found this comment and the one below in the spam folder, so you were definitely right about that.
I don’t really understand what the problem is, but I noticed lots of bloggers are writing posts about the problems they are having making comments. I hope WordPress can fix this. I think comments make blogging more fun.

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I think it is working now. One blogger I tried to leave a comment and it still does not work, but most blogs are letting me comment in Reader now.
I don’t know what was happening but a lot of other bloggers were saying they had the same problems.

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