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Draco Dynasty


Humans have ruined the habitat of so many creatures in the food chain, driving them to extinction. They have hunted magnificent beasts for meat, profit and for sport. My ancestors were four legged dragons, hunted as trophies by knights and princes. Those human brutes would have wiped out our whole dynasty, if not for the compassion of one young maiden who risked her life to hide the last of the four legged dragons, Baedairaerth.

For years, Libelle provided safety for Baedairaerth. He had a ferocious appetite, but it was too risky for him to hunt. So Libelle became skilled in archery. Each day she spent hours in the pursuit of fresh meat for the last of the four legged. Baedairaerth became completely dependent on Libelle for his nourishment and for comfort. He was mourning over the loss of his kin, for there were no other dragons remaining. Libelle would often curl up by his side as he wept over the fate of his kind. A profound bond of affection grew between the young dragon and the woman.

The appetite of dragons is infamous, not just to feed their bellies, but to satisfy their carnal desires. Baedairaerth was cautious around Libelle. The scent of her hormones stirred his craving to mate. But the old dragon code forbade the union of dragon and human. However Libelle was ignorant of the old dragon code. As her love deepened, her inhibitions faded.

Throughout the months Libelle has spent each night curled up next to Baedairaerth for warmth.. As the spring developed and the earth heated up, nights became balmy. It was now too uncomfortable to sleep next to a fire-breather, who had a constant furnace in his belly. Libelle moved her straw matting to the other side of her hut. Noticing the change Baedairaerth reached out his claw and hooked the mat, slowly drawing it towards him. The mat moved so slowly that Libelle slept soundly. All of a sudden she opened her eyes to find Baedairaerth crouched above staring down at her.

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Fear rose within Libelle, “Are you going to eat me?”

Back then our ancestors did not have vocal chords to mimic the human language, although they did understand it. Imitating the human gesture, Baedairaerth shook his head. He then bowed his head and gently nudged the side of his nose against Libelle’s face. She quickly responded rubbing her hands over the the sides of his face. The young maiden had not idea she was fondling one of the most erogenous parts of a dragon. Ripples of pleasure tingled down Baedairaerth’s spine, causing his tail to shudder uncontrollably..

Libelle felt the heat escaping from Baedairaerth’s panting mouth. Her perspiration intensified as his hot breath bathed her. To cool herself down she peeled away her garments. The smell of estrogen seeping from every pore was becoming intoxicating to Baedairaerth. He looked down at the naked maiden. In honour of the old dragon code he had never fantasised over mating with a human, but he knew, as all young dragons knew that the female reproductive organs were extraordinary delicate. With the top of his tongue he licked up the wet perspiration from Libelle’s breasts. She groaned as the forked tongue stroked both of her nipples at the same time.

Baedairaerth’s tongue continued to slither over her moist salty body, tasting her hormone soaked perspiration. His yearning to mate was building within him. He knew that only younger dragons were able to penetrate human females as their reproductive organs were still small enough. To indicate his desire and to test out Libelle’s response he ran the thin tip of his tongue further down to what dragons call “puki”. Libelle gasped in shock. As Baedairaerth continued to lick her down below she began to lift her hips and squirm and the firm rough strokes he delivered.

Baedairaerth’s juvenile buto was still soft and tender, unlike that of mature dragons whose reproductive organs form a hard scaly skin with jagged spikes designed to pleasure a female dragon on heat. But his pink tender buto was still larger than the average human penis. Libelle was already secreting lubricating juices, the scent of which caused Baedairaerth to become increasingly aroused. He carefully positioned his legs either side of Labelle and edged his buto closer and closer to her puki. His body was so much longer than Libelle’s that he could not observe when his buki began to greet her lower parts. He sensed her hands touch his sensitive male organ and he shuddered at the sensation. She was guiding his buto towards her.

Baedairaerth’s buto trembled inside Libelle’s puki as his emission escaped into her. The satisfaction of ejaculating provoked the typical dragon response and flames shot out of Baedairaerth’s nostrils in an expression of triumph. Four weeks later, Libelle gave birth to a bullet shaped egg.

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While Libelle was out hunting fresh meat, Baedairaerth would sit on top of the egg to radiate heat from his body. The egg had to incubate for another four weeks before finally hatching. It took several hours for the tiny creature to emerge fully. Resembling a human baby with a hardened skin and external spines, a tail as fat as his legs and a forked tongue, the first of our race was born. Libelle needed to work harder to feed her both her growing offspring and Baedairaerth.

As the years passed Libelle conceived several more times. As her children grew, she was able to clothes them and help them disguise their dragon features to an extent. The survival of her our dynasty depended in those five younglings, the progeny of Baedairaerth and Libelle growing and mating. The three male offspring soon took wives. Tragically the were unable to cause their human wives to conceive. They were hybrids. But the two female offspring who married humans soon became pregnant. Their births were extraordinarily painful. Their children were more alike to humans but the hard dragon skin and claw-like limbs caused them great distress.

Despite the extraordinary pain of childbirth, those brave females did their duty to the Draco dynasty. They allowed themselves to becoming impregnated again and again. The oldest gave birth to eight children, the younger to eleven. They gave the Draco dynasty a fighting chance. For centuries, males have been infertile, but female descendants of Baedairaerth and Libelle understand that for the survival and revival of the Draco dynasty, we must do our duty. We must mate and give birth as many times as we can.

Now it is my turn. Now I am of child-bearing age, I am going to be married to a strong human male. The Draco women are highly selective in choosing mates for their daughters. They want the strongest from the human gene-pool so that when the time comes the Draco dynasty will once again dominate Planet Earth.


11 replies on “Draco Dynasty”

lol Marie – I think that for a long time Ben will be calling this “that really weird dragon story I told you not to publish!”
You have just given me an idea.
I am trying to finish the editing for our new novella. I needed the name for fictional reality TV show that has been a big hit. I think I am going to call it “Dystopia”.


I really want to say I like it but it’s a little too weird for my tastes? Sorry Jenna. xx I hope you don’t think I’m tearing your work down, I’m not. I just couldn’t get inside the plot enough to see it. Maybe it’s just me. xxx💖

Liked by 1 person

No…don’t you worry. I agree Gemma.
I had no idea what to do with the theme of dragons….it went badly wrong. Like I mentioned Ben hated it! I think I do too. I had it in my drafts for over a week and kept trying to think up a better idea…but nothing came. Dragons is a total mind blank for me.


To be fair honey, it’s all there, but you’ve written it all as narrative with barely any dialogue (big dialogue fan here, it brings the characters to life for the reader) And you jump back and forth with information. It could work as a start for a brilliant story but it definitely needs to be worked on 😛 xx Don’t worry, you don’t have to do dragons. You do the rest of the stories really well! I loved the outside one with Simon. Very naughty and sexy! xx


Maybe you can tell my heart was not in it!
And…I love dialogue in my writing. I didn’t think dragons could talk though. What am I saying? Dragons are make-believe.

Yeah…I think I am best sticking to what I know – men!!! Gorgeous men! Anything else goes terribly wrong!


I liked it. I felt it needed more time to flesh it out (and that’s where your heart wasn’t in it perhaps) because you said L saved more than 1 egg but only talked about 1 dragon. Why she saved the eggs needed explaining too (one of those prequel chapters perhaps)
More dialogue would have been good, and a little more description of what the offspring looked like – because if they went interracial with humans they must have been attractive, their differences were not a hinderance. I wanted that elaborated on & also needed to hear more about how L & B’s relationship went once they had broken the dragon code and had sex.

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