Fifty Reasons To Switch Off

Neither Ben nor I have ever watched or read any of the 50 shades series. Two of my female bosses have told me that it is good stuff. One had read the book and said she fell in love with Grey. The other had watched the movie and spoke warmly of the effect it had on her. Simon told me it was awful, and Simon is into all sorts of sex kinks, fetishes and toys, but he said it is an insult to BDSM.

Ben pointed out to me that it was going to be on television here. I asked Ben if we could try watching some of it together. Normally a romantic movie, or a film with a hot sex scene enhances our mood before bedtime. Less than an hour into this film and I was hating it. I know hate is a strong word, but that’s how I felt. I don’t normally watch something that makes me want to jump through the screen and smack the main character as hard as I can.

Ben said he was cringing. I was just angry. What a meathead that Grey guy is. The girl – is she supposed to be like that? Or was it terrible miscasting? Can someone give me a shovel so I can dig a deep hole and bury that film – that horrendous insult to what it is to be a human.

I am going to bed in a bad mood because I have never been so provoked by Hollywood, or is it more the writer that is to blame? Ben is going to have to sooth me and pacify me because at the moment I still want to punch Grey, the utter bundt-for-a-brain, who I presume is supposed to be attractive. What! He would attract punches and slaps and hard kicks in the googley-wotsits!

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I don’t know how it will affect you, but I felt angry. In a way I was imagining how I would feel if a man spoke to me and behaved the way Grey does. I was more than repelled by him. I actually felt anger entering my arms as if I needed to smack him. I never normally have that reaction in a movie. Most films I can stay immune to even annoying characters. Grey really made me mad.

It may have been because he reminds me of one of the most obnoxious people I ever met, a guy who was as rich as he was stupid, and I had the misfortune of working for. Part of me regrets I did not try to take legal action against him, but he was so rich and well connected, I thought it would be me who would come off the loser.


Oh this made me laugh so much! Thank you Jenna! It was never going to make a good film, she had no idea what she was writing about. She caused uproar in the BDSM world and not in a good way! The book is awful and I do mean AWFUL! It’s boring and bland, the storytelling is abysmal and I never got past the fourth page. I couldn’t cope with the drivel I was reading! I read a very apt description of 50 shades somewhere, ’50 shades is only ‘romantic because he is a Billionaire, if it was set in a trailer park, it would be an episode of Criminal Minds’
I think that about covers it! So sorry you had to go to bed so miffed, I hope Ben sorted your mood out for you!

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Ben is a good man. He could tell I was mad as hell last night. He did his sweet kisses all over my back move to get me to smile again.

This is why I watch Law & Order: SVU, because I love it when Olivia Benson makes it clear to guys like Grey that they are pondscum…. lower actually the fungus that feeds on pond scum or even lower – the pus that infects the mucus that cruds up the fungus that feeds on the pond scum. (Hope you are catching on to the My Best Friend’s Wedding quote there).

I mentioned in a comment above, I think Grey reminds me of one of my bosses who was a blatant predator. I still feel so much anger about him thinking that because he was so rich he could treat women however he thought was good for him.


It is beyond awful. Christian Gray is a psycho stalker and I was embarrassed for Ana Steele most of the time. I’m glad for the way 50 Shades has made kink more widely discussed, but horrified at the light in which it has cast it.

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I know I shouldn’t, but this made me giggle. I saw the movie too, and found it… amusing. Definitely not good, definitely not representative of BDSM. I think what I liked more was watching the reaction of those around me, especially my best friend who dragged me with her to watch it.
~ Marie

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LOL, it’s funny how many share your reaction, Jenna. The more “hardcore” side of the BDSM community in particular loathes those books and movies. Then again, many of them don’t think that sensual bondage and domination is a real thing either.

Still, yes; the characters are completely broken for starters. I suspect this reflects the author’s twisted perceptions of the community. Even as sensual domination, it’s poorly done. Long in-depth descriptions of the wood the bed is made out of, etc… vs what the characters are doing and feeling physically and emotionally. It’s like the author has this deep, extremely sensual side, but is absolutely terrified of her desires, any sort of sexual partner, and sex in general.

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