The UK government have essentially ordered Ben and me to stay on our own indoors for two whole weeks. That means I will have been quarantining for three weeks because I came back here a week before Ben. Since he has been back there has been absolutely zero social distancing between us, so Ben said that I should stay with him for another week.

At first I was not at all impressed by this. Ben has his ways of persuading me to see the bright side of a situation. Let me tell you, being shacked up with Ben without any interruption is not something I am ever going to complain about. He has been making it fun.

He has set different themes for different days. Last Tuesday was NAKED DAY. We both spend the whole day without any clothes. I know that some of you do that most of the time, according your blogs, but it was new for us to just walk around all day with no clothes on. But it led to even more than average friskiness between us.

My favourite part of the day was when we watched television. I have some friends watching the British Bake Off contest, so we watched that and then switched over to watch the modern version of the classic veterinary drama All Creatures Great And Small.

So we decided two things. Ben wants me to bake more. He thought my peanut butter cake was awesome and enjoyed making the leftover frosting part of our foreplay. The other thing we decided is that we will book a vacation in Yorkshire. Ben has never seen Yorkshire. I have seens parts of it. I know Scarborough and Leeds.

It has been great to have us to ourselves. There’s not long left, just a few more days. Time is gonna race by and I am going to wish we could have quarantined for longer.

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I am hoping we can have another day this week. Ben is using our dining table as his office at the moment and I think working there naked was not as comfortable as it was for me. I had a comfy chair because I am working in our tiny office.
But yes…naked day was great fun. We had lots of fun.

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I love this idea, Jenna! Naturalist day! It could only happen during quarantining times. Did you also bake naked? Or did you at least wear an apron? That’s such a fantasy of mine. My honey dressed only in an apron and cooking. My oh my. 😉

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The day I baked the peanut butter cake I was clothed. But on naked day I did everything, preparing meals, making drinks without any clothes, not even an apron. Ben watched me when I was chopping up the ingredients for dinner. He said he loved seeing my breasts wobble as I wielded a knife.

We have often used an apron in roleplay Dave. Ben has a thing for me naked in a an apron. In fact, I know he likes it so much, I used it right at the end of our second novella.

Does your honey have an apron? If not, you know exactly what to gift her. ❤

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