Raspberry Rippling Stars And Polls

It’s playtime again. Are you ready for more Raspberry Rippling with the block editor. It turns out that there are all sort of gizmos that can make a webpage more interesting but do not seem to work at all in Reader. But we are patiently playing around to see what does work in Reader.

This week I was interested in trying out some of the Widgets in the block menu. The first one is called Star Rating. I guess if you are reviewing a book or a song or movie, you can add the star rating. So for the purpose of this post we have given our first novella “LOST” a five star rating! Why not?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

There are lots of other widgets. I thought we would also try the Poll widget. This is just an experiment, Ben and I are not anxious about the results, but we would love to know how the Poll widget works, and if it works in Reader. So please do feel free to submit an answer:

There are more editing blocks for text, images and widgets which we want to try out. So while we are figuring out how to utilise the block editor to best advantage, we have a few more Raspberry Rippling posts lined up for you.

Thank you for all your patience and help with our block editor playtime.

3 replies on “Raspberry Rippling Stars And Polls”

The CrowdServer poll didn’t work for me. It gave a server error message. Same results with everyone whose poll I’ve tried to do with WP and CrowdServer. There IS a poll option buried in WP itself though.

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It may have been something to do with the security settings on my browser. I keep things locked down fairly tight.


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