ADVISORY NOTE: Content for ADULTS ONLY. Contains explicit references to sexual activity.

I don’t think I am the only person who learnt of the entity of “orgasms” through that ever so famous movie scene in “When Harry Met Sally“. I was probably too young to watch that scene. It left me kind of terrified that one day I would grow up and become a woman and allow a man to do that to me.

When I finally experienced a true orgasm, I was not shrieking wildly or grunting and frothing at the mouth. But it was different from anything else I had experienced. He knew my body better than I did. I hardly said a word as he cuddled and caressed me, teased and tormented me, fondled and fingered me, licked and sucked and flicked and…hmm. I lay in his hold, and the persistent pleasuring, playful probing and pliable pressuring caused inner parts of me to melt away.

How do you describe an orgasm? Or is it a unique experience for each person? I was already trembling as the sensations built into an intense spine tingling rush as a string that seemed tied from nipple to vagina was plucked and a wave was released within. I ended up trembling and whimpering asking him to stop because I could not take any more. He was pleased with me, proud of me, I could tell he had pushed me to discover how much arousal I could bear.

Girl, Woman, Swing, Lake, Web

Bodies bare, seductive glare

Hungry kiss, I will be his

Pulce races, he embraces

I’m trembling, disassembling

Erotic touch, in his firm clutch

Sucking tit, and fondling clit

Hormones rush, my juices gush

Sweet pussy, you’re my hussy

Finger strokes, mad joy provokes

Soft slow lick, then primes his wick

Pressing lips, he grabs my hips

My nerves frayed, whilst legs are splayed

Penis long, insertion strong

I’m aghast, he’s way too fast

Just slow down“, he breaks a frown

Caught off guard, he rubs me hard

Eyes tight shut, “You dirty slut

Like it slow? My sexy ho

Damn absurd, ignore his words

Like it firm? I’ll make you squirm

In his lust he starts to thrust

Soaking wet, not over yet

Like it rough? Is this enough?

Hears my moans, he growls and groans

Spines tingle, fluids mingle

Insides roar, can’t take much more

Please please stop“, over the top

Inner stream, erotic dream

Mind elsewhere, ecstasy share

Inner peace, semen release

Sudden pause, as he withdraws

His loud grunt, sperm on my front

Hand smearing, lustful leering

His limbs drape, there’s no escape

Lurid charms, rest in his arms

Fantastic and orgasmic

Safe secure, in his allure

Thirsty gaze, senses ablaze

Sheer delight, hearts in flight

Playful eyes, it’s no surprise

It’s noon when, he starts again

17 replies on “Orgasms”

Thank you May πŸ™‚
This was another older post from me. I need to work on more fresh content.
I swamped with work, still struggling with my back and now we are finally spending some of our spare time with friends – which is so nice, but I know I am making less time for writing.

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Thank you Posy! I remember first writing this poem at the end of last summer. I was not sure how it would come across, but to me it captured some of the build-up and whoooosh and then serene calm that I have felt during and after an orgasm.

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