Tickle You Pink

I was chatting to blogging beauty Gemma ( Journey of Self Discovery – Gemma) when she paid me a compliment, well I took it as a compliment:

“….the colour of your blog suits you both as a writer and

as the underlying personality behind the blog….”

My writing is not out there to shock, educate, polarise or provoke. It is meant to tease and tempt, tickle your fancies, titillate you. At the end of the day it is lighthearted fun, some giggly, naughty, frolicking fun. I am a naughty sex kitten who belongs to a gorgeous guy who does not want to be in the limelight too often in the blog, but is turned on by what I have to say about him.

Our blog is still just a baby at eleven weeks old, so you may realize that the colour palette and design are all recent. Why did we I choose PINK for the colour of the blog? (Ben is still trying to distance himself from the colour choice – the monkey!)

I think that PINK was the obvious choice as we gravitated towards naming the site RASPBERRY RIPPLES. It was never going to be orange or blue – was it? And if PINK happens to say to you, girly and playful, cute and giggly, fun and lighthearted, sweet and pretty – well I am happy with that choice. That is a slice of me on a plate for you, even if Ben does think it is too PINK and too girly. I know this site has attracted some yummy male readers so I don’t think the PINK is that obnoxious to those who do not consider themselves fans of the colour.

I have loved “erotica” imagery for some time (since I met Simon who was an artist) and what I was particularly drawn to was sultry monochrome photographs and sketches. To me classy erotica was a black and white genre. I think Gemma will agree with my opinion on monochrome being smoking hot!

Monochrome captured everything I associated erotica to be. In fact once we had completed our first novella, I knew I wanted that monochrome erotica feel to the cover. Finding a front cover is not easy. But we found an image that fitted the sadness and loneliness our character felt in Book One. I was very pleased with the monochrome look.

I wanted the monochrome feel to the sequel as well. However, we had a problem, the image we chose did not work with monochrome text. Whether we chose black or white for the text, some of the letters did not show. We had to pick a colour. After playing around with the palette choice for some time, it was clear that PINK worked best.

It even allowed me to start developing a signature logo that would eventually end up being a part of the blog (which we had not even started on yet). That’s right those beautiful pink lips would come with us from the novellas onto the blog.

When Ben and I sat down to set up the blog, he did most of the technical stuff with me steering the creative side to the blog. I was also responsible for the blog profile and described my writing as “…dreamy, romantic, explicit and erotic…” I think PINK is a good colour for dreamy and romantic. I still think monochrome captures erotica at it’s best, but I like the playful light hearted nature of PINK. I am a playful sex kitten who likes to tease and tempt and is affectionate and frisky.

Am I a PINK person in real life? Not so much. I have one PINK tee, and a navy and PINK tartan scarf that brightens up my winter clothes. I do also have one PINK coat, which I rarely wear because it seems to attract dirt like a magnet. But it is fresh pale PINK. I am not entirely like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, although I have worked in a law firm.

I don’t want to be too in your face about PINK. I tried to choose a pale pink (apart from the raspberry header) for the site, because I wanted it to be fresh, bright and feminine. Don’t get all moo-faced with me if you dislike the association with PINK being girly – it is historically floral and pretty and sweet – there’s no reason to go all anti-PINK due to a personal aversion. PINK is as much a colour of the rainbow as any other – so embrace the hidden PINK streak in you.

PINK is also important to me because it is the colour of the symbol for breast cancer research and awareness charities and organisations. I have lost too many special friends to breast cancer and I do have some posts lined up for the future encouraging you lovely ladies to know your own breasts intimately, so you can detect the first sign that something is wrong.

The fact is that whether Ben or anyone else likes it or not, I believe the PINK is going to stay on RASPBERRY RIPPLES. Why? I think Gemma nailed it – PINK suits my writing and my personality. Not every shade of pink, but a pale muted shade of PINK that gives you an essense of dreamy, romantic, lighthearted, playful, oozing with femininity.

The truth is: I SUIT PINK!

I hope to be tickling you PINK for a long time to come!


17 replies on “Tickle You Pink”

Thank you Marie – I can’t imagine it being any other colour now. I can’t believe we have only been doing this for eleven weeks, it’s not long but we feel as if we have had quite a journey already!


Ha! Of course it was a compliment! You are an absolute sweetheart and a pure sex kitten to boot! I love reading your stories, I cope with the pink because I really do think it reflects your writing style and personality perfectly. You have no sharp edges Jenna, you make me think soft and fluffy but with a sharp analytical brain! The best of everything. I love that you aren’t spoiled by life, that you and Ben love each other to distraction and I am rather pleased that my comment inspired this post.
As for the monochrome, I adore it, it adds a sensuality and eroticism that colour dulls. Skin colours are imperfect, tones are not always captured well in colour. The starkness of black/grey and hint of white or a splash of deep red,(for me, pink for you) sets a mood, provides a tone and allows the reader a vision of who they reading about. Its beautiful.
Thanks again for the promotion at the top of this post lovely lady. You made me go ‘Pink’ with delight!

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Aaaaaw, thanks Gem!
I think you are right in so many ways, soft and fluffy is me…Ben was teasing me about the compliment you paid my brain. Let’s just say I have my good days and my “please will somebody get me some coffee!!!!!” days. Life has been “an education” – I have not had huge challenges like some people, but I have certainly had ups and downs emotionally. It’s interesting starting down this road of writing because sometimes I touch on a subject and then the next few days, I end up realizing that I am still kinda raw about it, I never really resolved some things. So suddenly I am finding that writing about emotional stuff is an interesting challenge.

You explained the effectiveness of monochrome so well! I knew we were on the same page with the monochrome – your page being an alluring blissful blue, mine a rosy playful pink. I am sure pink and blue compliment each other ❤

I hope you are having an amazing time with your Tom!

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I read a post you put up sometime this week I think, about suffering with depression and how you felt like you had to live up to everyone else’s expectations instead of living your life for you. Depression isn’t something I have ever suffered with, I get ’empty’ but I can’t stay there. Sam needs me too much for me to get caught up in those feelings. I guess you could say he pulls me out of a depression before I fall into one. Practicalities of living with a person with disabilities I suppose. Their needs have to come first. Regardless, I admire you for searching for your own truth and making the changes necessary for you to be happy and content with the choices you’ve made. When I made the comment that you aren’t spoiled by life, I meant it. You get ‘delighted’ with new things, new people, new thoughts and that all shows in your stories and your personal reflections of self. Your analytical brain is very present in every subject you discuss. You examine a subject and turn over every rock you find in order to understand what it is to its fullest capacity. You may be Pink and fluffy, but you are what I refer to as a ‘smart bird’. That is a compliment from this woman. Trust me.
And in closing, life is so very good right now. It’s a feeling of completeness that I hadn’t realised I was missing until Tom came home. I keep wandering up to him and just touching him to make sure he’s real! Sam is grinning like a cheshire cat and has locked himself down in his rooms with headphones on to shut out any ‘animalistic noises’ as he so eloquently put it! Even the dog is doing a happy dance every time he sees Tom! Tom is his usual softly spoken easy going self. But he hasn’t stopped grinning either! Damn I’ve missed that!
Anyway, yes we are having an amazing time learning each other all over again! 💖💖


Thank you ❤
I think it's sweet. I am amazed by what some other bloggers have done with their sites and I kinda wish I knew how to use WordPress to make a better site. But for the moment I am happy with the way it looks.


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