The Affair

He and I – well, we had this thing

More than just another hot fling

Round and round we began to dance

We gave in to heady romance

I was hooked on passionate lust

He savaged me with wild thrust

I dressed up as his naughty nurse

He wowed me with his soulful verse

We shared in hugging and kissing

I questioned what he was missing

As our passion burnt up in flames

He thought I was playing mind games

I’ll always speak in his defence

It’s my fault it became intense

He wanted to smile and charm

My greed started to do him harm

It was he who my heart enraptured

I’m to blame that our bond fractured

How do I undo the mistake?

Or do I deserve this heartbreak?

Though guilt and shame are still burning

Still I’m left for his words yearning

His poems more sacred than prayer

I won’t forget our brief affair

He was just the ideal lover

But I belonged to another

10 replies on “The Affair”

Thank you.

I was thinking of how scary it is when you know you crossed the line and became inflamed by lust and then risked damaging the person you were caught up with. That scary moment when regret and guilt overtake all the previous excitement and you realize you are sending the one you adored away damaged.

I never have had a physical affair, but I think I may have been guilty of emotional affairs.

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You’ve expressed all of those emotions beautifully, and I think I’ve been guilty of emotional affairs, too. I’m hoping I haven’t done damage, but I suspect that I may have without realising it. 😢

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