We’re Out!

Towards the end of last week, I started to feel like I was going kinda stir-crazy. Cabin fever is a real thing. Even when you are stuck with a gorgeous man who has plenty of randy ideas on how to make the most of the quarantine period, being inside day after day is not good for you.

Yesterday was awesome. I went for a run early in the morning. To feel cold air burning through my lungs, the blood rushing throughout my body and to come home and to feel hungry again was good. Then we drove to meet some friends and went on a kind of ramble. Yesterday may have been the first time in three weeks that I burnt more calories that I ate (Ben did help me burn off a considerable amount of calories, but I ran for a solid fifty minutes before slowing things down to a jog for five minutes, walk for five minutes all the way back).

It felt so good. I am going to try to go everyday for a while just to offset the damage of being a virtual couch potato all this time.

I also noticed that after going for a run and then coming back and having a shower, I wanted to pounce on Ben and do all sorts of things to him that would leave him grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Now my next challenge is getting Ben to come out running with me. He is into weights recently, but I want him to come out with me and get his heart thumping.

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