Raspberry Rippling Previous Posts

There are so many editing blocks with different features. It has been interesting to discover how they work, but in many cases we have also realized they do not work in Reader. I don’t think we are going to be using the blocks that don’t work in Reader. It does not make sense to us. But we will see! Perhaps they may come in handy at times. It has still been worth the effort to play and explore in our Raspberry Rippling series.

Well this week I wanted to try the Post Carousel widget. As far as I can see, it displays the three most recently published posts on the site. I really like the concept, but I was trying to think of why this might be a feature bloggers would want to use this. Some bloggers do a weekly round up (mainly at weekends), and I thought maybe they would want to use their weekend post (when perhaps there are more readers) to draw attention to some of their previous posts? Anyway, even though it might not be the most useful widget, I do think it looks good. Well it looks good on the website, I suspect it won’t work at all in the Reader.

There are other widgets which can be used to display previous posts. I am going to play around with some of them here, but I have a feeling none of this will appear in Reader. In fact I am wondering if when this post is published, will there will be anything to catch your eye in Reader at all?

This is the Latest Posts widget. I have been keeping an eye on it to check if it automatically updates if I amend the scheduling, and I believe t does. Clever little widget. I am trying to push the Latest Posts widget and the Calendar widget over to the right hand sidebar, but I am not so sure it is working properly. These widgets seem like great ideas, but in practice, I am struggling to use them.

I am going to keep trying though! I guess blogging is like trying to perfect the art of selfies. You have to take a lot of pictures to find the perfect angle.

Then I noticed the calendar widget. The calendar widget is another way for readers to find your posts. My only problem with some of these widgets is that they would be better utilised in a sidebar surely? I don’t know how to push them over to a sidebar to accompany my main post. I might play around and see if I can figure that out.

Are there any blogging tips or advice about which features from the block editor might be useful? We are still new at using WordPress and we are grateful for all the support and advice we have received.

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I do have the post carousels up on the overview pages of my website so people can quickly flip through category posts sorted by page.

It is indeed one of those blocks that doesn’t work in reader (it just creates separate items again) so not useful for normal posts. But a definite addition for pages for people actually perusing the blog itself 🙂

Sadly most block editor fancy things don’t favor the reader whatsoever. Sucks, cause there’s definitely good ones available.

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Experimenting is always good -winkwink udgenudge- 😆🤣

I’m doing fine myself – alive and kicking. Although with not too much kicking. Muscles huuuurt. Exercise is killing!

How’s life treating you this weekend


A little bit better.

I had a hard week – I made it hard for myself. My emotions were bullying me.

I think the darkness is getting to me. Plus I started my period on Friday. Ben was away for a few days. I ended up crying like a baby on Friday afternoon. Ben came back and made things right.

We went for a walk yesterday with friends, which was fun but we got soaked! Today we did a lot of work in the garden. The fresh air was good for me.

I feel a little bruised inside emotionally though. I have written a dozen posts I can’t publish because they are so emotional. I will keep them in my drafts folder until I am in a better mood and can edit them.

Ben and me are relaxing on the sofa with Groundhog Day on the TV and a bottle of wine. I am hoping next week I will feel more human.


That does sound like a hard week indeed. But only insomuch that it will also make you appreciate good weeks even more. Hope Ben sticks around without too much trips now, the loss of sun and its effect is way too relatable!

Take it easy. It’ll work out fine 😇


He has a lot of work lined up. We have both taken some annual leave at the end of this week so we can have a little vacation together. But the week after he has to go away for work again.

It is normal for him to travel. I think the combination of 2020 stress and the dark getting to me is perhaps making it harder for me to be on my own. Hearing my pop getting so upset about politics is hard. He’s normally immune to rhetoric. This time round he is real mad about it.


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