He’s Been Tickled Pink

I’m to blame for being friendlier than I ought

The temptation for a quickie I should have fought

There is no denying he’s been a naughty boy

But when I reprimand him he giggles with joy

What am I to do with this unrepentant flirt?

He’ll be caught out when there’s pink lipstick on his shirt

It’s becoming quite serious so I’ll be frank

That rosy bottom of his is due a firm spank

I can just imagine how his girlfriend will shriek

When she sees inflamed red marks on each buttock cheek

He ought to remember his job’s to bring the post

If the mailman keeps flirting, his butt will be toast!

6 replies on “He’s Been Tickled Pink”

Thank you Gemma ❤
I was happy to write this, it much needed fun.
My emotions went loop-the-loop this week. I think the dark is getting to me and I also started my period on Friday, so maybe that is why I have been so yuck.


You’ve had a lot of upheaval one way and another over the past few months, travelling, Ben not being able to come back with you, restrictions when you got home etc etc etc. It all takes it toll Jenna, periods don’t help and it does make for a more emotional time but honey, cut yourself some slack you have had a busy old time of it and you’ve been blogging like crazy and working too. Keep your head up, yuck is yuck, I get it, but you will always be feisty Miss Pink. Just don’t forget to breathe! (We won’t even talk about the impending launch of your new Novella, not stressful at all that… just sayin’… ((((HUGS)))) Miss Pink! 💗💖

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