31st October Is Nearly Here!

The world of literotica has been holding it’s breath, eager to know what was in store for the third novella written by Jenna Kirkpatrick (with a lot of input from Ben, who has chosen not to be credited).

Perhaps your plans for next weekend had to be toned down or cancelled because of safety regulations. But all is not lost. Saturday 31st October is the release day of “MUSE”, our third novella designed for those of you who are drawn to erotica and explicitly descriptive sex scenes.

2020 has been full of tricks and not many treats, but we are going to correct that with our treat to you! Curl up under a blanket with a glass of wine and read the story of Samantha. She meets a stranger on the last weekend of October and begins a tempestuous steamy affair with him.

I don’t want to drop too many spoilers at this stage, but I will tell that I packed in personal drama alongside explicit sex. There is jealousy, anger, resentment, longing, craving, obsession, and deep passion all waiting for you in a modern story of huge physical and mystical attraction that desperately tries to become a real relationship, but faces numerous challenges.

As we hinted around a month ago, there is an art theme that crops up and becomes a lingering aspect of the story of these two intoxicated lovers. But will the intensity of the flame between them be a warming glow or a devouring furnace?

(Ben is laughing at my teaser!)

Warm up this November with your copy of “MUSE”, the latest erotica novella written by Jenna Kirkpatrick!

14 replies on “31st October Is Nearly Here!”

I am amazed at the path it has taken.
I set out planning to write something more lighthearted than the last two novellas, and the book starts with the potential for it to be so. But midway, you suddenly find that there is a lot more going on within the two main characters. Their deep passionate feelings ricochet around and manifest themselves in more than just lust, but in envy and resentment. I came to a point when I realized what that drama was pointing to…and then straight away my mind jumped to the perfect ending.


If you’re spending any amount of time on, Ben is correct to be worried about theft of your work. I’ve had multiple reports of some of my older stuff showing up there.

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