fantasy fiction

You And Me

Were there ever before two people so desperately in need of a break? An escape? A relief from the stresses and demands of the world at large? Sometimes there are no words. Sometimes words complicate it all.

Just be. Just breathe. Just take it one step at a time. We’ve come so far. Look back and see how far we’ve come. It’s the world that threatens us. Forget the world.

One step at a time. Take my hand. Take my hand because I want to feel your hand in mine, skin against skin, pulses surprising each other as they synchronise.

Just sit here with me in our personal paradise, a place nobody else can reach us. Just breathe. Just feel the warmth of my hand and the sensation of pulses in tandem. Know that I am not going to overcomplicate this with an excess of words. I am just going to be in the moment. Be in the moment with me. Breathe it in. Peace.

Let’s indulge ourselves by blocking out the rest of the world and allowing ourselves this private retreat, this personal paradise for you and me. We’re at peace, our hands clenched together, our pulses beating as one. Rest with me for a while. No pressure. No complications.

Let’s be good for one another. I want to be refreshing for you, a refreshing tender sweet pink that makes you want to curl up and sleep serenely, safely in my arms. But right now, just breathe. Breathe in peace and rest. I’m here, as soft, sweet and juicy as the ripest raspberry. Let me burst on your lips and quench your thirst.

Be at rest in my arms. Be refreshed by my sweetness. Be safe and feel free. Feel free to rest here whenever you need to. Or be smitten by the sexy kitten. You are free to play or rest here.

Sometimes someone else has expressed the words so exquisitely and set it to music in the most moving way.

9 replies on “You And Me”

Thank you Eromonsele 🙂
The singer is Grace Gaustad.
I love the original Snow Patrol version, but I chose Grace’s cover because it watching her play and sing solo at the piano was calming.
I wanted this post to be a sweet restful paradise for two people to feel safe and refreshed by each other.


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