sex sells

Sex Sells #9

The first time I saw this commercial the twist at the end was a genuine surprise to me. Is it sexy? Ask your fella? Ben thinks it’s a brilliant advert. I asked Ben what he meant by that. He fudged his reply, but made it right by telling me I am beautiful and he only has eyes for me.

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Ummm possibly because its the best possible outcome for the cheating boyfriend on the couch, his other option would be casting his eyes around for any sharp objects she can lay her hands on. Nuts on a plate anyone? 🥜

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I totally agree. If I came home to find Benny-boo with a female guest, I may morph into some kind of fire breathing dragon.
I would not have been surprised if that had happened with Simon, and he would have probably expected me to join in. But my being with Ben says it all.

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I think that it is a good advert for buying the whisky. It is only by drinking a whole bottle of this stuff that a guy could convince himself that this would be a realistic conclusion to this particular of scenario 🙂


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