Breaking Away

I logged off from my computer a little while ago, and that was it – my work week is over. I am now on vacation! I am in a very good place with work. I don’t like to procrastinate or let work build up, so I have done everything I could do. There will be more work when I log back on next Monday. But I can walk away from work happy that things are under control.

As for the RASPBERRY RIPPLES blog, well my super-organised approach to things is spilling over into the blog too. My blogging bestie has told me about the value of the scheduling feature and I have already been making use of it. I have posts scheduled for while we are away.

We are both looking to some switch-off time. Although I have a feeling we won’t be able to resist checking our phones and Ben’s i-pad every now and then.

But our little break is about the two of us focusing on each other. Just Ben and me for three nights in a quiet corner of Kent. Ben is a wonderful man! It’s a chance for me to show him I know it ❀

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