Raspberry Rippling Conclusion

Well, I have had a play around with lots of the blocks, widgets and features in the WordPress block editor and now it is time to give my verdict.

If you are modest in your use of social media, if you are blogging on WordPress for fun, as a hobby, then it is likely that you recognise that the main tool that binds WordPress bloggers together is simply the WordPress Reader. If you find a blogger you like and you “follow” them, then their new posts will appear in the WP Reader as they are published. If the blogger has used all these fancy editing blocks, you may not even realize it. Sometimes, the blocks can make a post look odd in the Reader.

However, if you use other forms of social media to generate traffic to your website, then people will see all the fancy editing you have thrown into your site.

So, if you are almost exclusive to WordPress, my advice is to keep things simple. You can do all the basics, text, single images and videos can still be used to make an attractive post. I am content with the basics. I have learnt a lot from blogging friends about how to make posts look more interesting and more appealing to readers by just using a few simple blocks.

It’s your choice though. You probably have a good idea where your readers are coming from, if they are mostly WordPress bloggers or if the are coming via other routes. I think whether your readers are using the WordPress Reader to read your work or are going straight to your site via other gateways is going to make the difference as to how much you want to play around with mastering these blocks.

There is one image block that seems to work pretty well on both website and in Reader (thanks to Rory and Mel for the tip-off) that I do hope to use in the future: the GALLERY block!

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Hey Jenna, an excellent review post of the block editor and the reader combined.

I don’t use the reader principally because l detest what it does to a blogger’s hard work. So l have always had an internal link inside my blog where upon l have some fifty direct to blog links of the bloggers l devoutly follow. Therefore all l ever see is and are their actual blog.

The Reader whilst convenient cheapens artistry and sadly way too many readers buy into this and use the programme for improved efficiency and as such in my opinion in many ways they have encouraged a different blogger to write and create. I am old fashioned, but if an artist spends time crafting and creating then WP should have the decency to display a system to its readerships that in the very least resembles an easier and more applaudable complete reading experience instead of raping it down to basics.

Therefore end result is l do see your wonderfully deep and baby pinks in background colour and not just the black and white dullery of the Reader.

Excellent post Jenna.

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What you say is very true Rory. It is a shame if people don’t see the website that the blogger has put so much effort into.

The sole reason I prefer reading in the Reader is that it is quicker. Some sites take a long time to load up properly and when I do visit them, the images take even longer than the text to load. Also there are no adverts in the Reader. The adverts seem to jump around the page. I think I am pressing LIKE and suddenly I have been redirected to another website selling miracle hair growth creams. The Reader makes it easier me for to read what the blogger is saying without having to wait and wait some more.

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Hey Jenna, oh yeah l understand all that and the only time l actually have to use the reader is because of a blogger’s inability to have a decent grasp of blog navigation or sadly their colours on their blog are too vibrant to support their text.

Of the fifty four blogs l read monthly only two do l use the reader for.

I have a pretty fast connection and a fast machine and l can cope with a lot … with regards adverts, l get why people have them – but l am anti advert so if a blog has too many l tend to stop visiting and stop reading that blog – l’ll not then revert to reading from the Reader, l’l just stop reading the blog.

This all gets very confusing at times and l think many writers forget this also – push the artistry to one side but as writers we are not just writing for an internal community but we are writing for readers also external to WP and many bloggers forget this and so they tend to spend very little time with their actual blogs and only therefore write specifically for the Reader… and that’s sad because they have just joined the rest of ‘convenient world’ and forgotten about the artistry of there talent 🙂


I am a novice to blogging on WordPress although I’ve been blogging in one form or another since the early ‘90s from the days of boards to early Facebook adult groups. WordPress has been a wonderful outlet. I have so much to learn.

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I like the app on my phone and tablet. I use those more than my laptop. The laptop has more horsepower and options but being able to write something as the muse hits no matter where as long as I have cell service, data, or WiFi is grand.


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