You will be seeing the badge above on my posts throughout November. I am going to take part in Brigit Delaney’s EROBLOPOMO, a challenge for bloggers to publish an erotica post each day of the month of November.

Brigit’s post explains what to do to take part in this arousing blogging challenge:

I have some new features on my blog which will appear in November. My experimental RASPBERRY RIPPLES series in which I played games with the block editor has now concluded. I am starting a new series entitled SINGING SEX. We have had many of our social freedoms taken away this year (for good reason) but they can’t take away our music. I am going to pick a sexy song every Thursday to stir up some flames within you!

The SEX SELLS series continues because there are a hell of a lot of sexy commercials out there. I have some sexy picks for Jim Adam’s SONG LYRIC SUNDAY ready to delight you. In the midst of that I have fantasy fictional erotica posts for you and personal accounts on sex, foreplay, lovers, relationships, mushy emotional themes and teasers for our three erotica novellas!

I hope you enjoy what we have in store for you!

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