I wondered if anyone may have been intrigued by the name of my site. Anyone? No? Alright – moving on!

Even if nobody is interested, I will divulge the story now just to get it out of the way. Of course, if you have read “LOST”, then you might have already jumped to the right conclusion.

It was a man I was involved in who had an insatiable appetite for breasts. We were a great match because it turned out that we were both able to fulfil each other’s desires.

When we first started our relationship, my nipples were so shy. I remember feeling a little embarrassed that they were nestling into my breasts, flat and pale. However, he enjoyed coaxing them out by gently caressing them with his fingertips. Once they became more prominent, he would carefully roll his thumb and index finger until they hardened. They would become tender and pink with his encouragement. He further teased them by flicking the tip of his tongue against them until they became firm and erect.

That was when they were ready for the attention he was about to lavish upon them. He loved to suckle from my breasts, and I loved what he did to me. But by the time he had finished a good fifteen – twenty minute session on one breast, my nipple would be red and engorged. He said they looked like sweet little raspberries. He called them raspberry nipples…and from then on then gave me the nickname of his raspberry ripple treat.

He laughed because my nipples always recovered. Every time he saw me again, they were shy, pale and teeny. But he knew how to change that very quickly.

It’s as simple as that…my red engorged raspberry-like nipples, post suckling, are behind the name RASPBERRY RIPPLES.

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