November’s FLIRTY FUN


You’ve been a very good blogger this month – what sexual favour would you like me to reward you with?

It can be any sexual favour. If you don’t feel you’ve made enough of a blogging connection with me yet, we could start tame with a sweet kissing session. Or perhaps you have more raunchy ideas. Now don’t be shy – but please remember I edit out curse words from comments and I do not tolerate reference to criminal acts such as abusive violence. Within those boundaries, I am a playful sex kitten.

In case you missed my little post explaining the monthly FLIRTY FUN questions that I am inviting you to reply to, this was my introduction post published a few days ago:

50 replies on “November’s FLIRTY FUN”

Your question caused quite a riot here Jenna.
Robert says if things are anything like normal you can give him a peck under the Mistletoe.
Wills went to football after seeing your message and he came back with all sorts of ideas from his pals.
As for your Aunty Netty – when these social distancing measures are eventually lifted I am looking forward to a big hug from you and Ben. ❤

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Aunty Noo – I thought we agreed you were going to make sure that Wills did not see this!
But you know all three of you would get hugs and kisses from me any day of the week anyway!
Ben too – he likes hugs whenever possible.

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I am going to get in the queue with Rob and Annette for a big hug. Jack said he is happy to convert the offer of sexual favours for wine. You better warn Ben that Jack is running short because he has not been to France for such a long time.

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Ooooh I have been so good this month! I know I have, you told me! I think my reward would have to be something slightly painful but with a very sensual feel to it. I think a playful sex kitten could deliver a very hot sexy sensual spanking if she put her mind to it. And her hand of course….😈🔥💋

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Gem, I would love to have you stretched out naked over my desk. I am normally the recipient of spanks, but for such a delicious chick and marvellous blogger as yourself, I would spank you until your tushie was as raspberry pink as my blog header is and more.

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There is a guy who lives in this village who we know has a swimming pool Dave. Ben told me that he has just left the country because he does not want to suffer the English lockdown. So if you like, I will break in there and be waiting in the warm water for you to join me!

This would be a real treat for me! But of course I will make sure all the focus is on making it your reward for being such a good blogger! ❤

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In order to make that happen, I have booked my flight on the super super sonic jet that should get me there in t-minus 10 seconds. You will know me by the guy wearing a swimsuit, which may need to be peeled off for this little favor to happen.


My kitten paws will be peeling back the lycra and preparing to deliver as many favours and rewards as are needed to satisfy Gentleman Dave in seductive steamy swimming pool bliss!

Flirty kisses to you while I am envisioning your arrival…xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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I think you have lovely long hair Jay-lyn. When you say play with it…do you mean I can run my fingers through it and give you a relaxing Indian massage?

I am an excellent back rubber 🙂 ….but a full on massage might be nice for you. I think you have had a lot on your plate. I bought this gorgeous massage oil a couple of weeks ago that I have been using on Ben. But the scent is real nice – there’s a bit of sandalwood going on in there, but it’s not too heavy.

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Oooh – well, I am going to confess I have never flogged (or been flogged). So it would be a first time experience for me!

Do I dress up in fishnets, latex and stilettos too? How about you? Do you have to lay down flat, or do you bend over?

This could be very interesting!!!!!!!!!! You will have to coach me and then as your student I will practice all your tips on you!

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Stilettos are a bad idea for the inexperienced flogger, better some footwear that will grant you better freedom of movement, even a little run up, if you really want me to remember the experience 🙂 The rest of your attire should let you move freely whilst putting you in the right frame of mind to be in charge.

If I lay down or am restrained upright you can go to town on me from my shoulders to just above the back of my knees. If I am bent over you can give me a very concentrated dose of remedial medicine around my rear end. So it depends on if you want to have a large area to play with or you want to push my limits. You could always try both 🙂

Of course lots of practice makes perfect 🙂


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I think your phenomenal writing gives you license to be a voyeur Gemma…or should I say Karla?
lol – I just read your post about Karla taking you over. I was shy to leave this comment on your post because I did not want it to be taken the wrong way, but it almost felt as if you were telling us that since Karla has taken over you, you are finding yourself flirting more outrageously with other bloggers???
Are you inviting us to flirt with you and wait and see how Karla would react to our comments?

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No my lovely little sex kitten, I’ve always been an outrageous flirt long before Karla came along! All the same rules apply now as they did before, you say something flirty I will respond in kind always, just Karla’s mindset is way more overtly sexual than my own, (she says, knowing full well Karla is still a figment of my imagination, but she feels very real right now). If I’ve been writing,it could be that you get more than you bargained for, but please never be shy about flirting with me, I adore it and you in equal measure Miss Pink 💋🔥


lol – I have loved every flirtatious flurry with you Gemma!!! I felt you were warning us to be prepared for even more now that Karla is on the prowl!!!
I love Gemma – I am kinda terrified of Karla!!!


Quite possibly, depending on who is commenting, there are certain bloggers on here who push my erotic buttons for sure lol but don’t ever think I couldn’t or wouldn’t control my responses sweetie, I would never say anything here that could upset you, I’m not that far gone into her world yet. Her story is so much bigger than I ever imagined, lord knows when she will be gone from my headspace but she’s presently front and centre😛 so who knows xx💋


❤ You know me! ❤
The fun flirty sweet and playful Jenna K – who is as soft as her curves are.
Reading Karla's story makes me wonder what she is going to manage to pull off!
She is a mastermind and seems to be able to get away with anything she puts her mind to. There is also this back story though which is very intriguing – her husband??? I am sure you will reveal more as we go.

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Small revelations about her past will come soon, her ‘mastermind’ has been developed over a period of years where she had no control over anything other than what she thought. So she
put her forced ‘capture’ to good use and thought up more and more ways she could exact payback for all the slights, bad mistreatment, abject humiliation and nastiness she had to endure. Trust me, her mind is a wonderful scary place to play! I’m loving the fact that this place lives inside my head and I haven’t as yet been tempted to take up full time residence there! The people in my life need to be really grateful for my amazing self control! 😋😋😈💋


I bet Tom is enjoying her though!!!!!!!!!

Is there anyway Cheri can be brought into the Doctor’s sessions? Or is she history now?
Maybe it is because so much of my own erotic sensations come via my breasts and nipples, I start craving for Karla or Cheri or someone to have the full luxurious erotic boob service.


I’m sure I can find a way for Karla to have Cheri reinstated without fear of losing her again! A scene or two with Cheri in between sessions with the doc and Kevin will keep Karla very happy I’m sure! 💋🔥

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