Singing Sex #1

I am starting a new series for my blog. I was running a series called RASPBERRY RIPPLES, (where I experimented with the block editor and came to the conclusion that it better to keep things simple, because the blocks don’t work in Reader and most bloggers read our posts in the Reader).

But what I do know works is simple text, simple images and links to videos. So, to give me an instant pick-up over the winter months, I am going to go musical on you. I already love taking part in Jim’s music event SONG-LYRIC-SUNDAY, but this is just me featuring the sexiest, dreamiest, most romantic, or outrageously erotic songs on my playlist!

I am launching this new series with an awesome song. Paloma Faith belting out “Only Love Can Hurt Like This“.

As a woman of deep feelings, let me tell you this song captures so much of the drama, the intensity, the longing that love can inflame. It can be torture, but the truth is, I would never be without it! So my cryptic message to every man who ever made their mark on me is “But it’s the sweetest pain, burning hot through my veins!!!

10 replies on “Singing Sex #1”

Jen, I love the song you featured so so so much!!! You picked a sensational track!!!
Paloma’s performance at the Brits was one of my favorite of her live performances. Wait until the ending (around 2mins 40 secs) – she takes to another level! I also love when she did a really long version for a Burberry fashion show.

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This was my first song. I like it because that amazing bass and beat.
To me it captures terrific drama – I like a but of drama in my love life!
Parts of me are sensitive – lol – mostly all the right parts! ❤


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