The New Novella

Last weekend our third novella was published on Amazon. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me whilst writing this story. As some of you know, it was supposed to be a blank canvass, a completely fresh character. I was going to make it pure fiction and not as personal as the last two novellas.

The concept at its most basic: woman meets stranger…he turns out to be an artist…she becomes his muse. But that has been done before – a lot! So how was my character’s (Samantha) story going to be different.

Sexy, Nude, Naked, Body, Erotic, Female

First came the backstory. I had an idea of her ex-boyfriend going on a reality television show and in a live episode delivering a devastating bombshell that ruins her life. That was actually quite fun to develop.

The middle of the book, Samantha meeting the stranger, the explicit sex scenes, the getting to know each other and yet missing clues that would come out later, that was easy. I based so much of that on my real life experience.

More challenging was how to end the story in a purely fictional way. I realized that the story was going to take a very dramatic twist. And then I needed to go back to the beginning and weave in obscure hints of what was to come. The drama, the dark twist was much harder for me to write. The last chapter was especially a hard nut to crack! I have a feeling that for weeks to come I may want to make little tweaks (change a word, or add an emotional reaction) to that final chapter.

Every book is an incredibly rewarding and yet sometimes demanding project. I am happy. I am happy that the story took turns and developed twists I would never have imagined when I started out on writing the story of Samantha Dalton.

I am sure that I will be telling you more in coming weeks, but for now, I am going to take a little rest and let Samantha’s story take flight. Our third erotic novella “MUSE” is out now in both Kindle and paperback formats on Amazon.

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