My Espresso Martini Lover

He is my favourite cocktail

Better than any mocktail

As I gaze at him the more allure

To my new addiction there’s no cure

Coffee flavour for a kick

Leaves me with the urge to lick

He wakes me up like Monday morning

Then dazzles me until I’m fawning

Irresistibly dirty

And so shamelessly flirty

I’m aroused by the ultimate hunk

Thirsting for him even when I’m drunk

Mysterious seduction

Darkest sweet corruption

Imagining that he’s in my bed

Fantasies that make me blush deep red*

Intoxicated lovers

Drink him under the covers

After every luxurious sip

I hold my breath, bite my lower lip

My taste buds begin to burst

Gulping him to quench my thirst

The liquor in his verse scorches souls

Ignites a flame in me like hot coals

Hooked by his refined flavour

That my tongue wants to savour

At times I’m ashamed that I’m so smitten

Can you blame a naughty sex kitten?

Rich, brooding complex,

Masterful erotic sex

He’s faster than a lamborghini

Pour me an espresso martini!

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*NOTE TO READERS: This line was a replacement as Ben said the original line was going a bit too far:

“Can’t take my eyes off that creamy head”

Even though I told him that it was meant perfectly innocently, the frothy foam layer on an espresso martini, he said that it was a case of outrageous innuendo. When I grumbled about that, he had no choice but to give me the naughty finger.

19 replies on “My Espresso Martini Lover”

Tell Ben, around here ‘can’t take my eyes off that creamy head’ is mild sexy words! And again with the Naughty Finger and still no post about it Miss Pink!
Loved the poem, I have a love affair with my Colombian Dark every morning, I’m awful without it! πŸ˜ˆπŸ’‹πŸ’–


I think the naughty finger post is due to be published this Friday. πŸ™‚

Ben and another guy, a gentleman, gave me their honest opinion on creamy head – when Jenna is met with two gorgeous men who both say the same thing, she submits to them as a naughty sex kitten πŸ™‚

I need my hard core coffee to rev me up in the morning. Ben used to do the same as me, but for months he has said he needs to start with one mug of tea before he can face coffee. Maybe it’s they ferocious blend I buy. But I love to have coffee before I sit down at my desk to start work.


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