Pleasure Zone

ADVISORY NOTE: Content for ADULTS ONLY. Contains explicit references to sexual activity.

Ben and I enjoyed a little break for a few days in Kent. It was a break. Ben insisted no work for either of us. I love it when he lays down the rules. I was concerned that we would have to cancel as social distancing restrictions spread and become more complicated. But no, our hiring a self-catering cottage was not under threat.

We kept our little holiday simple. We had a daily walk (except for one day when it was pouring with rain all day). We ate pizza and salad and a hell of a lot of potato chips and we drank wine (in the evenings, not all day long). But it was nice to be away somewhere different. Our little house is very pleasant but after the quarantining and me working from home apart from an occasional trip to the office, it’s a space where everything happens – mundane, stressful, playful, sexy. Whereas our little break was a work-free zone. In fact it became a pure pleasure zone.

We had lots of cute cuddling and sweet snuggling. That was very lovely and very important for us. Cuddling and snuggling are a vital part of a relationship. But we also had some rip roaring sex.

Our first night there Ben told me to spread out my arms and legs on the bed. We did not use any ties. I just grabbed the top horizontal beam of the headboard and tried to reach the corners of the mattress with my toes. I tried to keep still as Ben delivered stimulation to every part of my body. It was a mix of delightful and squirmilicious. His fingers, kisses, tongue exploring all of me. Even though he knows my body inside out, he seemed to want to discover it all over again. I was totally spoilt and in some ways it felt like a reward for heeding his advice in mundane areas over the previous couple of weeks. I anticipated the “naughty finger”, but instead I received the “good girl going over”.

After that lush start to our little break, I felt indebted to my lover. I made sure I delivered pleasure to him throughout the weekend. I love to run my fingers all over Ben’s body. I have never had any masseuse training, but I try to massage his well-toned shoulders and upper arms and his back. He has been using weights at home rather than going to work out at the gym and I noticed the change in his muscles. They are beefier than they were a month ago. I’ve only ever known Ben with a well-toned masculine body, but when he concentrates on weights it pays off for him. A year ago he was conscious of having a beer belly, in fact a wine belly, but I also think we were eating out too often. He has been gradually working on that and he is in great shape.

But more than any other part of him, it is penis that likes attention. Jenna Kirkpatrick has become quite the expert in knowing how to send raspberry ripples of rip roaring sensations through Ben’s spectacular specimen of the male sex organ.

I am glad we had a work-free break away from mundane and stressful things that drain out energy when we are at home.

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6 replies on “Pleasure Zone”

It was nice. Our plans for the rest of the year all seem to have a big question mark over them. (Well, use and everyone else on the planet!) So yeah, we appreciate when we are able to sneak in a break from work.
Ben had to go away for work again this week. But he is on the way back home now.

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The cottage looked lovely. I am glad you two had some time without thinking about work.
I have made a cake in your honour Jenna. I was looking for recipes and came across a raspberry ripple cake. I will turn it into a post for my blog. Look out for it sweetie pie ❤

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I loved your raspberry ripple cake Aunty Noo. I baked some Greek bread for Ben. Have you heard of tiganopsomo? It is one of the yummiest breads I ever tried. I made some stuffed with feta and herbs. I am waiting for him now. He should be here already… 🙂

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