Will You Tickle Me?

I am going to ask a special favour of you please with lots of kisses on top! From today the theme for 4 THOUGHTS or FICTION is….


…as chosen by Ben and me! Yes, that’s right, we have the privilege of doing the ROUND UP this time round. We will be reading all of the posts written in response to the theme of TICKLE and listing our top three posts.

So…I would love to invite all the gorgeous sexy bloggers I know are super talented to write either a personal account, a fictional post or some erotic poetry inspired by the theme TICKLE!

I cannot wait to read everyone’s posts!!! I am hoping for a lot of sexy playful fun to brighten up the rest of November’s lockdown. Even if you have never taken part before, would you please join the party this month – and let TICKLE inspire you? I would love to be tickled by you!!!!!!

10 replies on “Will You Tickle Me?”

Ok, so it looks like I’ll start things off here. This is based on a true story, but I won’t tell you which part is true and which is fiction. Let’s just say for the record that it’s all fiction. So my lover and I were on the last seat in the back of the bus. I know.. the bus? Yeah, well, I take public transportation a lot. So there we were, sitting close enough that we could’ve been stuck together, the heat of our bodies merging as one. She also smelled so good, her light perfume was intoxicating. At that moment, she looked and felt so vulnerable and tickleable that I couldn’t help myself. I slipped my hands under her arms and acted like I was sliding in for a romantic intimate gesture when I found her ribs and tickled her. At my tickle attack, she sprang up and twisted around, laughing and telling me (playfully) to stop as I continued tickling her until she could take it no longer. In the process of her squirming, she had rubbed her entire body all over mine. It was… sooo exciting and arousing! I looked at the bus driver, and he was watching cautiously at first, squinting at me with a warning. But when I let her go, and she slapped me on the arm and she laughed, too, so the bus driver smiled at us. All was ok. After we got off the bus, the hotel that was our destination was never sweeter than that evening when the one foreplay on the bus triggered so much between us.

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I love it!!!!
That bus driver was getting ready to throw you off the bus though hey!!!
If that was me and Ben – he would be the one squealing for mercy – which would be hard to explain.
I think this little tickling prompt has brought a happy memory to your mind Gentleman Dave – I wish you many sweet evenings of delicious ticklish foreplay with your lover.


I hope so too! …xx

He writes the most amazing poetry and has a long list of female blogging fans who adore him. I shall ask him if he will create a post out of his sweet tickling foreplay account or if tickling stirs his imagination for a poem. He is very talented.

I posted a link to Caramel’s post today and my another friend who has a blog has promised to do a post on tickling.

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