Fairy Tale Romances

Does my writing capture the dreamy romantic way I view sex and eroticism? Does my writing convey that secretly I wish I were stunning Cinderella preparing to dazzle a Prince Charming with the tongue of a poet? I love fairy tale romances.

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lol – you have no idea how much I love it when a man confesses to having a favourite Disney princess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

….and I am glad you like Cinders….
….I like poets…

… if you needed me to tell you that!!!

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Poets is a Disney princess? lol.. Blushing… I didn’t mean that Cinderella was my favorite princess. She’s close to the top, and the story is one of my favorites, but my favorite Disney princess is Aurora. I love a woman who is so positive that she sings in the forest and dances with the man who loves her. Pocahontas, although not a princess, was also one of my favorite Disney female protagonists.


keep digging….xx

ok…ok….you did say Cinders was ONE OF your favourites….xx

I love Pocahontas because of that song she sings – colours of the wind – the moment someone goes all eco-positive I am in love with them

I always kinda liked Belle from Beauty and the Beast – because she reads. I was a total bookworm when that movie came out (the Disney version) so I felt an affinity.

Simon used to call me Sleeping Beauty because he would laugh at how long I could sleep for. He did not realize that I could not sleep well because he was holding me so tight. So I would fall asleep hours after he did and yeah, in the morning I was shattered!

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Oh, so may I call you Aurora now? Yes, the colors of the wind is beautiful!! I loved this movie so much. There is so much that resonated with me, especially about cross cultural relationships, and may just have influenced my future. Haha, Cinders.. I loved the Disney live action Cinderella with Lily James. So romantic and hopeful. Must have seen it more than a dozen times. And Belle is awesome, too. There is nothing sexier than a woman who reads!!

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