Tickle My Nipples

ADVISORY NOTE: Content for ADULTS ONLY. Contains explicit references to sexual activity.

When I have been a very good lovely sexy princess for Ben, he will sometimes indicate his pleasure with me by asking me what he can do for me. Ben knows my pleasure points, my sweet spots, my arousing areas. He also knows that 75% of the time, when he asks me which part of me wants attention, I will say my nipples.

I have very sweet nipples. They are small compared to my large breasts. When teased they change from pale pink to deep raspberry pink. My nipples are sensitive. We have used clamps (Simon introduced me to clamps) but my nipples are so sensitive that I did not get much enjoyment out of them, it was too painful for me.

I do enjoy my nipples being teased, tickled, gently rubbed, massaged, licked, and sucked. I have mentioned before that I loved the sensation of my breasts being sucked by “Greg” who had a love of breastfeeding. Although I have never lactated he was perfectly content with latching on and suckling from my breasts. It is so gorgeous for me as a woman with large breasts and tiny sensitive nipples.

But whereas Greg was interested in just my breasts most of the time, Ben goes in for the whole package (not complaining about that!). I sometimes communicate that I would enjoy more attention from him towards my nipples.

Ben will try to please me simply because he knows I enjoy it, but it is not quite as much of a turn on for him as it is for me. But he does like to see the effect that attention to my nipples has on me. He prefers using his fingers to excite my nipples so that he can watch my face. He knows that nipple play is going to excite, arouse and entice me big-time!

Over the weekend, Ben was very pleased with me (I was out to spoil Ben and he appreciated it) and so when we retired to our bedroom, he asked me “Jen, what would you like me to do for you?” I had been expecting this question and was ready with my answer that made me giggle as soon as I said it, “Tickle my nipples!”

That was just the start of a beautiful evening!

23 replies on “Tickle My Nipples”

For me clamps gave me a shock, after being pleasured and excited – to receive a jolt like that (when he removed the clamps) was not enjoyable.

Gentle arousal is gorgeous. I love it when my lover tenderly circles my nipples with his finger tips or palms, and licking and sucking are very beautiful.

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