Craving More

Your gathered me into your arms as we rolled on sandy shore

I gazed up into your eyes to see a heart that is wholly pure

As your kisses press against my skin you leave me craving more

So many men I’m wary of, avoiding harmful lure

Your touch has melted my reserve, igniting a rapid thaw

It means a lot to have found someone who makes me feel secure

For you I’d become a perfect princess or a wanton whore

Come swim with me in tropical waters under skies azure

With you I’d play in the waves all day and sense my spirits soar

Waiting for your next erotic move can be hard to endure

A burning desire for my lover seers my insides raw

Don’t ask me if I really want this, I’ve never been so sure

17 replies on “Craving More”

It depends….
sex and pleasure …it’s all rock and roll!

Waves come along, you have to catch them before they break!

But as we are fantasising here, yes, foreplay will build – excitement will build, intensity will build – the waves will crash and it will have been a thrilling ride!

Always exciting!

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Well played.
But I can tell you from experience, beaches can be like masturbating with sand paper.
And water dilutes all natural lubrication.
But the alliteration is gorgeous.
Beaches and large bodies of water make for an incredible foreplay opportunity

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lol!!! That is rather a graphic picture!
So, this poem was a fantasy poem. The idea being a gorgeous guy who is stirring in me a craving for more! The fantasy aspect of the excitement and attraction and paradise location – I meant it as a compliment more than anything.
Thank you David ๐Ÿ™‚


We go through phases when it is heard not to think of erotica, and we go through phases when our libido is MIA. But whatever the weather, writing about how we feel is good for us I am sure!

I draw inspiration from a gorgeous guy!


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