Posy Interviewed Me!

So here is something exciting! I have been interviewed by the gorgeous Posy Churchgate for her *NEW* BLOGGERS LAID BARE feature on her blog. I feel like such a celebrity!

That’s right – this month I am in the hot seat with Posy asking me revealing questions! You can read the interview by clicking the link to her post below:


Hosting the TICKLE prompt for 4 THOUGHTS or FICTION and being interviewed by Posy has been great fun. It is not too late to get involved with the TICKLE prompt. Write a poem, story or a personal account about TICKLING and link it to the prompt page (link below).

If you like the colour pink, there is also a RASPBERRY RIPPLES edit of my interview with Posy on my own blog. It is a password protected post. If you click the link below it will take you to the page on my blog where you will find it.

The password is: INTERVIEW

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