sex sells

Sex Sells #13

I could not remember why I chose this commercial for out SEX SELLS series. It seemed to me kinda understated.

I think the premise is that the beautiful blonde is supposed to be the main attraction, I guess she is supposed to be an exotic dancer, maybe she has a strip routine or a poll dancing set to follow. At the start of the advert you can see guys watching but, but then she turns around and wah! nobody is there!

Where are they? They have been distracted, tempted, hooked by the appearance of a bottle of Fernet Carat Cherry. The liquor has upstaged the exotic dancer. All she can do is join in the fun and satisfy her own lust for cherries.

The concept makes sense. I just think they should have gone full on with making it clear she was supposed to be the focus of the night. If she had shimmied down the stage runway in some hot lingerie we would instantly get the point. But I think that may have got them banned. I guess sometimes advertisers have to play safe if they want their commercial to land on television.

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