Spoiling Ben

So today is a day when a lot of us are feeling thankful, expressing our thanks and focusing on the people who mean the most to us.

For me, the number one person who means the world to me is Ben O’Connor. He has my heart and soul. So above everyone else, I am making this day about celebrating having Ben in my life.

Our plans to be with family in the US were scrapped. Ben quite rightly decided that we should not put our loved ones at risk by travelling. Which has meant that for the first time in my life – I have the responsibility of cooking up a thanksgiving meal that Ben will be thankful for! I mean he likes my cooking usually – but this feels like a big responsibility! Believe me, there is no way I can hope to match his mom’s cooking.

I have been preparing for a show stopping dinner, picking out recipes, shopping for everything I need for over a week. I am hoping to wow Ben with his favourite flavours (because love means picking his favourites not mine – lol if it were up to me, we would have a massaman curry followed by profiteroles). But for Ben – I am preparing the full traditional thanksgiving works – with a few twists to include some of Ben’s favourites.

Ben has had a hard week. As soon as the decision was made to cancel our trip back to the US, Ben was pressured to agree to do some work up in the north of England. He planned to set off early on Monday morning and return on Wednesday evening. But on Sunday, we had some upsetting news that his mom had been admitted to hospital. Ben has been deeply anxious about her.

selective focus photography of couple hugging

Ben hardly slept at all on Sunday night. I was very anxious about him driving two hundred miles, so I made him rest and he ended up leaving later than planned. That delayed his return trip home. But he is here now. and is feeling hungry! The good news is Ben’s mom left hospital on Wednesday – phew! Ben’s sister is handling their Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Yet this has been one of the biggest challenges for Ben this year. He is really feeling the roughly 4,000 miles between here and his home. So today – all I want to do is spoil Ben. We will be connecting with family via zoom. Gorgeous Ben has had an idea. While he was away he wrote a list of all the friends and colleagues he wants us to call or zoom so we can say how much we appreciate them. That will be great fun. But secretly, I want to be able to devote myself to Ben’s every comfort and pleasure for as long as possible. So I intend to impose a 10pm limit!

Then….he is mine – all mine! I want to give him as much pleasure as it possible to squeeze into him. I want him to forget his worries and to make sure he knows that I am incredibly thankful to be his. I want Ben to know that he is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I never want to lose him.

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6 replies on “Spoiling Ben”

I went for a ham in the end, with potato dauphinoise, pea puree, roasted cabbage, burnt onions, a kinda of tweel which Ben said tasted great but did not look great. I made the cheesecake using your recipe and I also made a fruit tart with a creme pate. I was pleased, but the kitchen looked horrendous.

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We had a great time together. We zoomed our family over Thanksgiving and spoke to lots of friends over the phone. It was real nice. Food turned out well. And we were able to relax and enjoy each other too. It was good. Better than I expected really, considering it is the first Thanksgiving we have not been with family.


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