His Muse

One of the first dates I went on with “Simon” was to a life drawing class. Now I cannot draw for toffee! But “Simon” is a a great artist. I was surprised that the model in the class was a man. I feel I did a great disservice to the chap in sketching a completely inaccurate and uncomplimentary proportions. In addition his feet were webbed in my drawing. I was so embarrassed when he expressed interest in my picture of him.

I have been to four life drawing classes with “Simon”. Two models were male, two were female. One of the girls had injured her ankle and was wearing a cast. My drawing has only slightly improved. I was only at those classes to be with “Simon”.

He has so many sketches of naked, no sorry artists would say nude, women. I think most of them came from live drawing classes. But I always wondered if any of them had been his lovers. He never would divulge when I tried to ask him about his lovelife before meeting me.

I wanted to be his muse. I wanted him to lovingly sketch my curves. I wanted him to gaze at me adoringly and view me as a work of art, that needed to be captured on a sketchpad or framed for his bedroom wall. I was so in love with “Simon”. I would happily have posed for him for as long as he wished. I know I brought him a lot of pleasure. Our sex life was always vibrant and energetic.

There are still times when I wish that we had a day to ourselves. He would sit in his chair in the corner with his gauche and I would hold still, so that he could memorialize me. A painting with his own hands of a woman who completely adored and desperately wanted to be his.

My gorgeous talented “Simon”…who was not looking for anything “serious”.

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Jenna, what a wonderful post! I understand your connection to Simon and his magnetic appeal. You may not have learned to draw but you learned a lot about life and love. Sending you much love.

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❤ Yes Summerhill ❤
I have to admit I was fascinated by Simon's talent and love of art. It seemed to me incredibly romantic to be his muse. I just found it hard that there were so many other muses!
Aaaaah – love! It gives you wings and then it drops you and it burns.
But I am grateful for my time with him and so glad I have him in my life.

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