December’s FLIRTY FUN


Since you are such a brilliant blogger – what naughty gift would you like me to buy for you?

It can be anything you choose….a new toy, a flogger, fishnets, handcuffs, lingerie, massage oil or some kind of edible gift? I will put it all on Ben’s Mastercard! So don’t worry about the price tag. Have a think about it and drop me a comment below….xx

I absolutely loved flirting with you during November! It was so much fun and I hope you enjoyed it to. If you are not sure what RASPBERRY RIPPLES FLIRTY FUN is about and you missed November’s FLIRTY FUN then please read through the flirty comments that were flying around.

The more the merrier!

18 replies on “December’s FLIRTY FUN”

Is there any better way to start the day? I love your music picks for today Rory!!!

Is there a naughty gift I can treat you with on Ben’s credit card? I am sure I can count on you to think of a great idea for a naughty gift!

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Haha .. most of my naughty gifts Jenna, run into bizarre erotica fetish and that’s no fun by yourself – but the thought was welcomed.

Glad you enjoyed the musical picks to start your day and launch your month .. visiting you again soon one of these nights, mm, that’s sounds naughty in itself.

But you must let me know more of your favourite music Jenna as l only have you listed for 11 artist groups .. see link, control F Jenna and you’ll see what l mean πŸ™‚

Have a lovely Tuesday πŸ™‚

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I had a look through your directory Rory.
I like some REM and Greenday, not a great fan of either, but a couple of their songs register. I do love dance music though. I have always been a dancer. I went to dance classes when I was younger and when I was a teenager I used to practice dance routines in my room. As you probably know dance music covers a lot of bases and there are so many names that come and go.
My main likes are definitely Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and any pop music you can dance to. I noticed Whitney and Aretha on your list – I think they were amazing singers. I am not keen on Katy Perry’s music – I like a couple of her songs, but for the most part, I just find her work a bit too gimmicky. I am trying to decide whether I like Kylie’s latest album – I wanna like it, but it is a bit weird. Maybe it will grow on me. I like Sigala. I like Dua Lipa. But a lot of other artists kinda blow hot and cold with me. One track I like, their next is garbage. So I am struggling to think of who else to mention.
A part of me likes ABBA – but I think it’s the part that needs to have a few cocktails before they start playing.

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Cracking answer Jenna, you are a girl after my own heart, speaking as a dancer , anything that has a good solid dance beat and they have me from hello.

I was a 90’s raver, trance house and garage jungle dancer – so dance music is part of my soul, probably more so than any other music πŸ™‚

Choices noted , with thanks πŸ™‚


Naughty gifts hey?

Robert could do with some new underwear he says – but he is a little fussy, he won’t even let me pick for him. So maybe a John Lewis gift card for Robert.

My naughty gift might need be alcohol based. Or I quite like the idea of the massage oil you mentioned above.

Wills said handcuffs.

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In all honesty, I think it a gift card would be a better idea than me picking underwear for Uncle Robert!!!

Have you asked Wills what he is planning to do with the handcuffs? That could be an interesting conversation! In fact if you do end up having that discussion, then you probably will need something alcohol based Netta-Noo!!!

Have you tried Tarquin’s Figgy Pudding Gin?
Massage oil would be slipped into the same gift bag!

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Well….you know I don’t like to waste too much money – but I have a partiality for white chocolate mice. They have been my favourite sweets since childhood. Or maybe the white chocolate disks with sprinkles on – do they call they jazzies? And lingerie is always worth the money!

Jack said he would like a decent bottle of aged whisky.

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Uh-no! I have a brand new box of Tiddlywinks for Jack!

I will send you a very special and very naughty selection of lingerie, in fact I think I know what to give you for your bridal shower:

….and those white chocolate mice you asked for. I think you should also have one of those spanking paddles for Jack for when he is nutso! Or a heart shaped riding crop!


I’ve got it. And since this is “flirty fun”, I will go all out on this one, Jenna K. How about an all-inclusive two-night stay at a Swiss chalet in the Alps – for two, please. There will be skiing by day, lounging by a toasty-warm fireplace in the ski lodge at sunset, and dipping in the chalet’s premier hot tub spa at night, with strawberries, champagne, and of course, 99’s… or whatever other 9’s we might fancy. πŸ˜‰

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I just love the way you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you ski Dave? Snow vacations are the best!
And how sexy is a chalet for two….with a toasty fireplace and hot tub. You know just how to wow a sex kitten! Strawberries and champagne and can you imagine all the fun that would follow – very hot fun I should guess!

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It would have to be to keep us warm with all that snow outside. πŸ˜‰ As far as skiing goes, it’s been a long time. Back when I was in Germany, a girl whom I had a crush on taught me some snowboarding. One of the most memorable dates I’ve ever been on in my life. Have you ever had GlΓΌhwein? It’s hot, spicy wine. Perfect for after a ski and warming by the fire in the ski lodge.

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Ummmm – Dave, the snow is so cold! I know lots of ways to warm you up inside the chalet. We might not need that fireplace at all!

So we do Scandinavia for snow-vacas and we drink GlΓΆgg – which is awesome when you have just come in from the cold.

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Can I flirt with you Jenna? I feel like I am getting to know you better all the time.
If I could ask for a gift it would be a clean slate? I think I get it now. I am sorry about being presumptuous in the past.


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