History Repeats

I could not think of any personal examples of history repeating itself in my own life. But the thought of history made me think of Jane Austen and being a princess. What I know of courting and how prospective suitors were judged according to their wealth makes me want to choke. I am so glad I live in times when we are allowed to fall in love with who we want regardless of the fortune or lack of it. So with that as my inspiration, I am presenting you a slightly history inspired poem.

So you think you’re going to be my shining Mr Darcy

Even though you’re full of snide and can’t help being arsey

Do you think I really care about the size of your house?

When everyone that I know thinks you’re a conceited louse!

You can’t impress me with your designer clothes and riches

While you’re full of boastful pride and too big for your britches

I’m told you’re the perfect catch by my very own mother

But I’m not satisfied, I’d rather wait for another

I long for the kind of man who can light my inner flame

One who can take my wild streak and enchant me til I’m tame

A lover who’ll write me poems and wow me with his kiss

Arouse and intoxicate me, stir up erotic bliss

It will have to be a Prince Charming who’ll tempt this princess

The next time one will come along is anybody’s guess!

8 replies on “History Repeats”

It was well done. Sometimes an old battered and bruised knight with rusty armor can catch the fancy and bind with their Princess. Often it’s the unintended matches, the unexpected meetings, the crossed paths generated by the universe and the fates.

It is funny sometimes how a miscolored apparently mismatched soul is exactly the right fit.

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It’s true, sometimes you would never expect things to work out the way they do. You can be everything right for someone on paper, but sometimes it just does not work. Whereas someone who seems terribly wrong for you can be just ideal!


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