Singing Sex #5

You will probably agree that the song I have chosen this week was not ever going to win any musical awards. But this is memorable for another reason.

My Ben likes behinds. I passed the butt test! I am going to be careful not to embarrass him here. I got him to watch this song not long after we started going out and I discovered he particularly paid attention to my derriere. It ticks a few boxes for Ben at least.

Musically horrendous, but that’s not why we picked Jennifer Lopez tribute to booty-ful behinds, “Booty“.

4 replies on “Singing Sex #5”

In fairness Miss Pink, J Lo doesn’t ever have to sing in my opinion, she is without doubt one of the hottest, sexiest women on the planet! I turned the sound off and just watched her dance! Yum!
Thank you for that, you just put my day right! šŸ˜‹


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