Will You Be Playing This Week?

This week theme for WICKED WEDNESDAY is:


….and guess who has the honour of selecting the three top posts this week? Ben and I are going to be perusing all of the posts that link in and we will be compiling our favourites at the end of the week.

So, I wonder, does fore-play or after-play or both inspire you to write wither poetry, a fictional story of a personal account? Damn it yes!!! We are very excited about this fantastic theme and we can’t wait to see what you have written.

You can either write a new post or feature one of your older posts. Link in to the INTERLINKZ party on the official WICKED WEDNESDAY SITE, any time from today until kinda midday on Thursday. (The page tells you how long you have to join in!)

Ben and I will be paying your post a visit at some point this week!

20 replies on “Will You Be Playing This Week?”

Dave – you know how to describe fore- and after-play in stunning fashion!

So I am real curious – do you mean the picture right at the top, the guy who has been pinned down by the pretty lady? Or do you mean the gif – with the guy running his fingers over her belly?

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I mean the gif. Sorry, my computer must have not been loading fast enough to get it all the first time. I didn’t even realize it was a gif until today. It’s still what I like though… mm, yes. šŸ˜‹


Hey Stefvon
There are to parts to joining in the party.
The first part is to either write a new post or choose one of your older posts (either poetry, fiction or a personal account) about foreplay/afterplay.
The second part is linking it to the interlinkz party.
This is where you will find the interlinkz party:

But if you have any difficulty figuring out how to link (it took Ben and me ages to figure it out) then please let me know in a comment which post you want to use, and I can link it for you. Then other readers will visit your post via the interlinkz for this theme.

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Hi Jenna, I just posted my WW foreplay poem, but I can’t figure out this link thing. Can you help me with that? Thank you soooooooo much!!! ā¤ ā¤ Here's my link. I hope it doesn't go in your spam comment folder.


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