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It’s late here in the UK, but I just saw the sad news that Dame Barbara Windsor has passed away. If you do not know the raucous flirty fun of the Carry On… movies and the many other film and television roles Dame Barbara Windsor was famed for you may not realize how sad her loss is to the Brits.

If you google search Barbara Windsor clips you will see her in some of her iconic roles – such fun! She has been a national treasure in this country for a long time.

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Sad day indeed, but I suspect a relief of sorts for her immediate family too. Her Alzheimer’s will have been traumatic for them to cope with. She had such a vivacious personality, it would have been devastating to watch that fade and be replaced with confusion.
I’m sorry she’s gone, but glad she is no longer suffering with the effects of that terrible disease.
Fab pictures, they really sum up just how cheeky she was in the early days when censorship was not so restrictive and sexy images like that were commonplace, it was described as a ‘bit of slap and tickle’ not rude in any way and the carry on films were fabulous comedy! She truly was a bright shining star all the way through her career and that trade mark giggle was recognisable instantly by everyone who heard it.

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She really was a cutie – and yes, so saucy!
It’s been fun to see UK news show some of her best clips these past couple of days.

You know Gemma, I love “slap and tickle” – I think there is a certain Britishness side to the humour that not everyone appreciated – but it certainly gives me a giggle. Ben does not quite get it. He likes some Brit-TV, but I don’t think he gets the old style humour so much.

Still he lets me inject some of it into our roleplay games together, so he does get to benefit from it.


I was a huge fan of hers in all the ‘carry on’ movies. I wasn’t aware of her later years but I have never forgotten her bubbly saucy giggle and those red pasties that jiggled were mindblowing for me as a 14yr old boy. The world is happier with people like her👱

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