Coming Home

I have spent the last four nights on my own. But today my Ben is coming back after working away for a week. I do try not to ever grumble about Ben having to work away and yet I don’t think he will mind me admitting that I do miss him – a lot!

I miss him, but I also miss sex. My nipples have been tingling all week, craving his touch. They needed to be sucked. I was wishing he would surprise me in the middle of the night by walking through the door.

More than anything, I noticed I was disorientated this week. Ben is such an anchor, and provides such a sense of purpose for me. Alone, I have less motivation. The motivation arrived yesterday when I started planning meals to cook for Ben and pressing some of his clothes I had washed on Wednesday.

Today, I am feeling energised and am going to clean the house thoroughly. Tonight when he is back – I will be ready. I will be making myself stunning for him. I always feel excited about Ben coming home. He is going to get the full Princess Sex Kitten loving!!

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