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Sound Of Thunder

From Gene Kelly to Hugh Grant, from Mr Darcy to Spiderman – all sexy stud-muffins have had to nail the art of the rain-kiss. You may not understand the appeal, but it does not matter – it is just one of those facts. Kissing the life out of your lover in the pouring rain (and flashes of lightning and crashes of thunder add to the occasion but are not always on call) is one of the most dreamy, romantic, sexy, erotic things a man can do! Yes – really! Just ask Hollywood!

I read a chick-lit book a while back that was a pleasant read. I liked that the writer portrayed her main character as stuck mentally/emotionally, counselling is not working, she is not dealing with her grief and guilt well at all – in fact it was the character that made me want to read the book. I found a lot of the romance side to the story a bit weird – too much was in the author’s mind and not on the page. She just left the faintest clues that they were shagging each other without spelling it out. But then, she was obviously not writing erotica, she was writing what I guess was more a romance aimed at teenagers?

Anyway, I did enjoy the ending, and I am going to warn you right now – SPOLIER ALERT!!! So if you are planning to read this chick-lit novel (not erotica) then don’t read my spoiler content below.

The last chapter is so easy to envision in a movie. It starts pouring with rain when the female main character turns up at the store her ex-boyfriend owns (they split up, and she believed it was because of their arguments and she believes he is jealous of her career, but now she has discovered that he was actually hiding his fury on the discovery of how much her manager is a manipulative mercenary swine and is deceiving her to the extent that he lied to her about the death of her brother and pretended their were no flights available so she missed her brother’s funeral, and worse… ) When she arrives at the store, it looks as if he has closed it down.

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Then through the pouring rain she starts to run like crazy, splashing in puddles, and become drenched through. She arrives at the house he used to live at, only to find it is like a construction site and the pretty garden has been completely dug up. She is heartbroken. In fact, she almost misses him. However, he has been tipped off by a member of her band that she is on the way, so he catches her before she leaves.

That last chapter – the two of them talking things over in the rain, the whole “Now, I know!” and the “I couldn’t tell you because….but I have been so worried about you,” and the “I’ve changed,, in fact this is what I have done…” all while they are soaking wet. Then comes what we have been waiting for, superhero kisses in the pouring rain and she virtually throws herself at him. Two drenched people, kissing like there is no tomorrow – not caring what a mess they look, not caring about the squelch of mud or that their clothes are being ruined, not afraid they may be struck by lightning or that they are cold. The thunder only adding to the aching drama.

It totally made the book for me! The great thing is, they are right outside his porch so they can make their way indoors, and although the writer does not say this, I like to think they are headed for a very steamy shower together.

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I know what you mean, the rain adds to the drama, demonstrates the “I don’t care about what’s going on, I’m in the moment with you.” The first time I kissed in the rain (aged about 12/13) it seemed very romantic.

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I’m trying to remember if I have ever kissed the life out of a lover in the pouring rain. As much as I would like to say I have, I don’t think so. I have done a lot of other things in the water with a lover though. I do remember Spiderman kissing Kirsten Dunst in the rain, that was epic. This was fun to read and think about.

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Rain kisses are so hot. I think Nicholas Sparks jokingly said that it is practically a requirement for a romance novel. In my current WIP, my two protagonists have their first date hiking in the mountains and it begins to rain. It’s the perfect setting for a kiss. They are both wet and wanting. But then I spoil it by having the male protagonist stop short and reveal a secret that flips the story on its head… I am such a tease… 😉


Those are just such romantic moments! I can’t remember if I have ever kissed in the rain, but I used to walk around in the summer rain back in Namibia, and that was pretty special too 😉
~ Marie


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