sex sells

Sex Sells #16

This commercial starts really hot and then ends on a major downer. But it works for Burger King. This guy! He was doing so well. His lovely lady was clearly impressed. But now….I don’t think so!

Is fast food better than sex? Hell no! Dream on Burger King!

4 replies on “Sex Sells #16”

Fast food is within the same ballpark as commercialized material with sex.

You know how it is?

No matter how many times the woman is hurt, or no matter how many times the woman deceives herself into settling for less, she crawls back for more. This is why we say that Burger King could be better with its “standards of excellence”, though we’re never satisfied. What we are satisfied with, is what fuels are cravings. Burger King, nor any fast food joint, has not changed their recipe, because, as I’ve said, people will come back for more. Still, we lean on those “moral” points, of thinking they could be more, at a “deeper level”, though it always ends up for us being so shallow.

Just as penetration, it sinks into a woman, and among her very psychology, there is a great need for her to wish for something that never leaves. It is not loyal. It does not care. And, when she leaves it after realizing such, she still crawls back for the same exact thing.

I specifically target women in this scenario, because her psychology is spread like mayo or mustard across the business department. Through the cravings for having “the same”, no one ever discovers something extraordinary. Oh, sure, business promises an “experience”, though is that sameness ever deepening itself to the point where anyone wakes up feeling no guilt for their pleasure? I don’t think so.


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