A Blogging Break

By the time this post is published you may have noticed Jenna has gone quiet. That is simply because we are away for the holidays. Ben’s mom has not been well in recent weeks and although we are concerned about the safety of travelling, it seemed urgent that we do see his family.

I am slightly nervous because I will be working with Ben’s sister to prepare meals and snacks for everyone – I cannot convey to you how scary a prospect that is!

Amongst the million other tips that my blogging pal gave me when she told us how to set up a site on WordPress, she pointed out the scheduling feature. So, I have made use of it. Even though I won’t be looking at WordPress at all this week, I do have a little something posted for each day. I will try to catch up on my reading when I am back at our base.

I was trying to think of a song to capture the holiday spirit – they have all been played over and over. I was in the pharmacy a couple of weeks ago and I heard this song on the tannoy, which brought back some very distant memories. Apparently it is on UK Christmas albums because it made it to Christmas Number 1, donkeys years ago. The video is awful! But the song is kinda cute.

My wish for everyone is that they have chance to hold and be held by the people they feel most close to. But if you winging it on your own this year – which is perhaps the case for more than usual this year – then please accept our virtual hugs and kisses to you. You are always welcome to leave a flirty message on this site for us to see when we get back.

9 replies on “A Blogging Break”

Hey Jenna, Happy New Year to you 🙂

You must never feel inadequate to another person, you have other skills is all, we can’t all be professional caterers, although admittedly l was for a good few years, but now it’s all meh 🙂


You will be soooo missed!! ❤❤ Especially by me. Don’t worry – if I know you, preparing meals and snacks should be a walk in the park. *quiet for a moment to let it sink in that you will be away* So I wish you a blessing for a safe trip and a very merry Christmas to you and Ben. 🎄🎄❄❄❄🎅🤶

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