Stirred, Not Shaken

I want to bond with you

In the most intimate of ways

I want you to pound me

Until you’ve left me in a daze

I will be your Bond girl

You’ll be my very favourite spy

Charmed as your British tones

Tell me this is “no time to die

Will you goldfinger me?

If I strip for your eyes only?

I’ll suck your thunderballs

Make sure tonight you’re not lonely

Dr No sent me on

Her majesties secret service

But now that we’re alone

Seduce me, you only live twice

I’m from Russia with love

License to thrill, pardon the pun

Be the spy who loved me

Be the man with the golden gun

Diamonds are forever

They say tomorrow never dies

Lick my octopussy

I want you in between my thighs

Please before the skyfalls

Will you shag the living daylights

Out of me and then some?

Cover me with greedy love bites

The world is not enough

To tempt my favourite private eye

Vanish like a spectre

He’ll make love, then live and let die

At Casino Royale

He’s a view to kill Moonraker

Who escapes him for now

Bond turns from spy to love maker

In the beat of a heart

Leaves me a quantum of solace

He’ll die another day

In his pursuit of the lawless

The evil crooks can wait

And forget about Golden Eye

It’s my turn with James Bond

I’m gonna suck you ’til you’re dry

I’ll make your body writhe

Be ready for a wild night

With not a wink of sleep

007 – hold on tight!



London and surrounding areas are now in Tier 4 social distancing restrictions. That means no seeing family or friends over the holidays! 😦

However – CARAMEL is going to host a virtual knees-up on Friday!

Check out her post below to find out more about her invitation to join her and many others who are all alone for the holidays!

Please spread the word!

She does not want anyone to feel heartbroken about being alone!

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