sex sells

Sex Sells #17

I have been saving this commercial for this week. This is one of my favourite sexy ads. It is from the King of pimping up your products – Jean Paul Gaultier.

I like this one because it is not just sexy, it is romantic, it is over-dramatic, it is erotic, it is capturing the essence of what happens when your senses are inflamed with desire. I totally see the connection between fragrance and sex. I might be naked, but I am always wearing perfume.

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I met Jean Paul Gaultier many years ago when he had just introduced the tartan skirt for men. He had a certain way about him, so l do understand the magnificence of his adverts and they are true masters – and YET, seriously who on earth is influenced by these adverts?

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Not all commercials influence me – and to be honest Rory I would never buy a scent I did not like when I tested it. However, some commercials are so memorable I would definitely want to search for the fragrance and test it to see if I liked it.
I liked this one – it is kinda epic and there are twists of humour in there too.

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