Ben Has Been A Good Boy

If anyone deserves special treats tomorrow it is Benjamin O’Connor. I will never tire of telling you how awesome he is. This year has been … what is the word? – A MESS!!! Ben has been steadying, calming, practical, reasonable and positive. He has kept me together. So naturally, he is top of the list of people I want to give naughty treats to. Only…

…we are sleeping in the guest room with Ben’s parents on the other side of a two inch wall. Sex with your parents so close is a subject for another post maybe. How much do I want to send my favourite to orgasmic places? How much do I want to make him groan and curse throughout the night as I drive him to intense bliss? But with the folks so close….we have to be quiet! Ben is usually noisy during sex. When we have had sex in his parent’s home, he is silent. If I make too much noise he will put his finger on my lips or kiss me.

I get it. I do. I like being with his family. I want to make sure everyone is comfortable with me being a guest in the O’Connor home. I will have to give Ben his biggest “O”s when we are back n the UK. It sounds as if we won’t be going anywhere when we are back in England. Plenty of time to be alone and make as much noise as we like.

But this week, we will make the most of this opportunity, while the windows are wide open and we are all washing our hands like crazy. We don’t want this time together to turn out to be a disaster.

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