Smear An Avocado On Me Lower Portions

Holidays are usually times when we pile on to the sofa and watch something insane on television. Often that is classic comedy shows. I think a lot of people may have found their plans ruined this year. Ben and I are anxious about our own plans. But whatever happens, it does not mean we can’t make the most of a day off.

So my advice is, if you can’t be with your loved ones, stay in your pyjamas, grab your duvet and make yourself comfortable on the sofa. Watch classic comedy and try to have a laugh.

One of the best sexy comedy sketches I have seen is a musical ballad. My friend showed me this and I was gobsmacked. Absolutely gobsmacked! This lady was superbly clever! I find this particularly piece known as “Let’s Do It” or “The Ballad Of Barry and Freda” truly inspirational. I have attempted slap and tickle style poetry because it is fun, and I hope to come up with more poems on that raucous style.

Please be prepared for the sensational Victoria Wood! Google the lyrics so you don’t miss anything…this piece is packed with lines to make you gag laughing!

14 replies on “Smear An Avocado On Me Lower Portions”

Oh man Zoe – the first time I heard this – I could not keep up with it – but I knew it was good – so I googles the lyrics and was so in awe of this comedy genius. I love this video so much,

Your ex sounds fun – not!


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