A New Year’s Eve Fantasy

Well, I know this cute guy who I’d love to invite

To get dressed up and take me out jiving all night

Believe me – he would look smoking hot in a tux

The fact that he is so distant absolutely sucks

Instead I’ll be content with a fantasy date

I dream of waltzing in his arms until it’s late

It’s New Year’s Eve, I want to ring in the new year

Dancing cheek to cheek, oh how I wish he was here

That twinkle in his eye, and his alluring smile

His soulful choice of words that charm and beguile

So staying in is the new going out they say

But only if you involve some sexy roleplay

As he starts to lower the zipper of my frock

And finds I’ve no panties on – will he be in shock?

In my imagination we spend the night in bed

With him licking pussy and then me giving head

I hope that he enjoys the pictures in my mind

And that it all helps him to relax and unwind

He’s such a lovely gent and I’m a lucky dame

But I have to remind him – this is just a game

Yet he can be assured that he’s in my heart

That I’m not some shallow manipulating tart

We must not forget or we’ll turn out to be fools

That when we play together we must stick to the rules

If I say “I love you” when this is make-believe

Will it make me anxious until I cannot breathe?

All I know is that I ache when you are missing

I think so much about the two of us kissing

Be content with knowing I long for you all day

Wishing you a warm embrace though you’re far away

This is my poem for you to read at leisure

To you I send heartfelt wishes of sweet pleasure

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